Why I bought a medical ID bracelet.

I always thought that Medical ID bracelets were something for people of a certain age. I also thought they were boring, purposeful, but boring…and ugly. It wasn’t until I had a scare with someone very close to me that I thought “what if I was alone, or in public, and something happened to me? Would anyone…

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Cinnamon Compound Butter

I love a good compound butter – really just butter in general. It’s good in and on everything: english muffins, coffee (yep), toast, waffles. Obviously moderation is key here, but the holidays are fast approaching and I had to make one of my FAVORITE compound butters. Cinnamon compound butter! Compound butters come in all flavors…

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Dinner & A Movie

I’m totally not a movie-goer like my lovely husband, but if there’s good food available, you can always find a way to get me there! Studio Movie Grill is one of those places that I love catching a movie. Not only are they the originator of in-theatre dining, they always have an option or two that doesn’t…

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Brussels Sprouts, Butternut Squash, Bacon Salad.

I’m really starting to learn a lot about cooking with seasonal veggies and not just the same ones I always eat (I’m looking at you, broccoli). I decided to use a veggie that often gets a bad rap: Brussels Sprouts. If you’re not aware, Brussels Sprouts are basically a baby cabbage. It’s a leafy green,…

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How to kick your stress eating habit.

I’ve been extremely stressed lately. From some traumatic things that have happened in the past couple weeks, to trying to plan a fun and quick trip/honeymoon for Bryan and I (which, in comparison to everything else, is really not that much of a chore), to getting food poisoning, it has been a HELL of a week in…

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Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

  No flour, no butter and no white sugar. WHAT?? We’re doing these really awesome fundraisers at work, and a coworker of mine made this AH-MAH-ZING cookie – an Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie. Like, so good that I had to text her for the recipe. When she told me that it was flour-less, butter-less…

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September’s Monthly Body Transformation

It’s time again – my monthly body transformation video. I still hate doing these because I feel very insecure about them, but I know that at the end, seeing the progress will be helpful. When I dropped 30 pounds in 2012, there was somewhat of a mental block for me – I could never see…

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H-E-B made my meals REAL simple.

You guys know that I’m constantly trying to find ways to save time -especially lately. It’s the busiest time of year at work for me, and I’m sometimes not leaving until the sun sets. When I get home, I still have to sometimes walk the dog, do the dishes, work some more, and tidy up…

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Is working out with your spouse worth it?

Bryan and I have tried our adventures in working out together. It has been so much fun, and something we constantly look forward to doing together. We encourage one another during weight sessions and push each other during cardio. Afterward, we come home and eat a clean meal together. I’m most successful when I have someone…

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Salmon and Asparagus

There are some days where you just want a beautifully cooked piece of fish. Salmon is one of my favorites. I absolutely love to cook a good piece of salmon, with asparagus and mashed sweet potatoes. See below for one of my favorite, simple recipes.  

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