September’s Monthly Body Transformation

It’s time again – my monthly body transformation video. I still hate doing these because I feel very insecure about them, but I know that at the end, seeing the progress will be helpful. When I dropped 30 pounds in 2012, there was somewhat of a mental block for me – I could never see…

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H-E-B made my meals REAL simple.

You guys know that I’m constantly trying to find ways to save time -especially lately. It’s the busiest time of year at work for me, and I’m sometimes not leaving until the sun sets. When I get home, I still have to sometimes walk the dog, do the dishes, work some more, and tidy up…

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Is working out with your spouse worth it?

Bryan and I have tried our adventures in working out together. It has been so much fun, and something we constantly look forward to doing together. We encourage one another during weight sessions and push each other during cardio. Afterward, we come home and eat a clean meal together.Β I’m most successful when I have someone…

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Salmon and Asparagus

There are some days where you just want a beautifully cooked piece of fish. Salmon is one of my favorites. I absolutely love to cook a good piece of salmon, with asparagus and mashed sweet potatoes. See below for one of my favorite, simple recipes.  

Am I really losing weight?

To be very honest, over the past few months losing weight hasn’t been my focus. At all. When I found out I was diabetic in May, I made it my mission to get my blood glucose in a normal place, and establish a routine. The doctor told me I needed to lose weight, but honestly,…

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Avocado Breakfast Toast

Bryan and I have run pretty low on groceries this week, and our pantry is empty. This morning after we worked out, we tried to find something easy and yummy to make. We had bread, eggs, and avocado, and realized we could have a simple, but delicious breakfast. I know toasts are kind of over…

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I never expected my first grocery trip to Sprouts Market to be like this.

Since I started vlogging, I get a lot of questions about what I’m cooking and eating, and I thought that started with what my trip to the grocery store looks like. Every two weeks, I head to the grocery store with my giant list, and some recipes in mind. This was a video of my…

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  I thought home for us would be a few things – comfort, togetherness, and a place to settle.Β It hasn’t been that yet. When we moved, we knew that there would be good, and bad that came with it, but we never imagined the first three months of living in our apartment being the way…

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Meeting the Dietitian

This week was eventful and extremely helpful for me. Aside from setting an accidental fire at home, my apartment losing a really good package from Sephora, and other things, I did something a little less…exciting, but still good in its own way. I’ve had a few referrals from my doctor on specialists I needed to…

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The worst driver in the world

I realized this week that I spend an insane amount of time in my car. I guess that’s why I try to stay put on weekends, I’m just so sick of driving and being in traffic all the time. I also realized that I’ve been really bad about posting recipes and sharing food stuff I’m…

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