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The perfect steak.

Food 52 has changed the way I think about cooking with their not recipes. To be honest, unless I know I’m writing something to post on Hangry Woman, I actually don’t use a recipe for most dishes I’m making at home. I cook for myself and Bryan, I know what we like, and most times I’m…

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Sunday Brunch: Chicken and Waffles Edition

In the breakfast battle between waffles, french toast and pancakes, I appreciate each of them in that order. I will pick waffles over any breakfast food (aside from mimosas, if you want to count that as a food). Waffles are just the best – like, who doesn’t like a food that has little compartments to…

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Downtown Hotspots: Osso & Kristalla and Potente

Whether you want a casual evening with friends, or an upscale date night depends on whether you visit Osso & Kristalla, or Potente. Located a few blocks west of Minute Maid Park in Downtown Houston, These restaurants easily fill your cravings for some simple, rustic takes on Italian food. Both restaurants are owned by Jim Crane, the Owner of…

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Brussels Sprouts, Butternut Squash, Bacon Salad.

I’m really starting to learn a lot about cooking with seasonal veggies and not just the same ones I always eat (I’m looking at you, broccoli). I decided to use a veggie that often gets a bad rap: Brussels Sprouts. If you’re not aware, Brussels Sprouts are basically a baby cabbage. It’s a leafy green,…

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The best baked chicken wings.

An easy, no fuss recipe for simple and delicious baked chicken wings.

The 2013 Recipe Round Up

2013 has come and gone so quickly, and I feel like my life changed so drastically. I met Bryan at the end of 2012, and we started dating on New Years day, and we moved in with one another 7 months later. I went from being a vegetarian, to totally not, to finally getting too…

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Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Bites

The easiest little bitty pumpkin cheesecake bites you’ll probably make in your life.

Green Chili Cheese Sliders [& other things you can eat on the 4th]

I think I talk about HEB enough for everyone to know that I have an OBSESSION. I’ll honestly be really sad if I ever leave Texas, because it means I have to leave my beloved grocery store. You can imagine my surprise when the awesome folks at HEB sent me a ridiculously great cookbook –…

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11 Simple Ways To Save Money On Groceries And Eat Well On A Budget.

I wanted talk about how to save money on groceries! I think there’s a little part of all of us that wants to walk into the grocery store, walk out, and feel like “wow, I really saved money at the grocery store today.” Something that has been integral in my process of losing weight has…

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KINDness In The Form Of Food.

Every so often I stumble across a company that 1) puts out a wonderful product that I love and 2) amazes me with their mission, and their people. KIND Snacks was one of those companies that I found by accident. I was shopping on Amazon one day, and I added a box of KIND bars…

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