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Downtown Hotspots: Osso & Kristalla and Potente

Whether you want a casual evening with friends, or an upscale date night depends on whether you visit Osso & Kristalla, or Potente. Located a few blocks west of Minute Maid Park in Downtown Houston, These restaurants easily fill your cravings for some simple, rustic takes on Italian food. Both restaurants are owned by Jim Crane, the Owner of…

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Low-key places to visit during the Houston Superbowl if you don’t want to wait in lines

The Superbowl is coming to Houston, and this event is going to sweep the city. Every corner of every part of Houston will have some event, or some happening going on. Luckily, a lot of the events are concentrated Downtown, but whether you’re a local, or a visitor, you might want to hop over to some of…

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