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Hydration Hacks for Diabetes: Why hydration helps lower blood sugars

In this blog post, we explore the crucial role of hydration in managing diabetes. Staying hydrated helps regulate blood sugar levels and supports overall health. Learn about the best sources of hydration, practical tips to stay hydrated, and why it’s essential for those with diabetes. Read on to ensure you’re giving your body the fluids it needs to function optimally.

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A Nutritionist’s Guide to 50 Bedtime Snacks for People with Diabetes

Discover 50 healthy and delicious bedtime snack ideas for people with diabetes. Learn from a diabetes nutritionist how these snacks can help stabilize blood sugar levels overnight. Perfect for maintaining balance and enjoying a restful sleep.

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Managing diabetes requires careful attention to diet, especially before bed. This blog post highlights 50 bedtime snack ideas from a diabetes nutritionist, focusing on options that stabilize blood sugar levels and promote restful sleep. From Greek yogurt with berries to avocado toast, find the perfect snacks to keep you healthy and satisfied throughout the night.

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Your Diabestie Podcast

What we get wrong about the weight loss revolution: Your Diabestie, Episode 16

Mila, a nutritionist and discussed the relationship between weight management and diabetes. she shared her personal journey and advocated for a balanced approach that combines weight loss drugs with lifestyle adjustments, emphasizing the need for support and understanding. The speaker also discussed the history and mechanisms of weight loss drugs like semaglutide and liraglutide, highlighting their potential benefits for managing diabetes and improving heart health.

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