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8 weeks until bikini season. Oh man.

Along my journey of weight loss, I’ve made little goals to help me burst through the wall “I’m not sure if I can do this-ness,” and I’ve  crushed them, way better than I even thought I would have. My next goal was to be in “Onederland” (any weight with a ‘1’ at the start of it!) and 25 pounds down from where I started, and I’m pretty close, but I’m not quite there. I’m just reaching. I’ve been having a plateau week, although I’ve been working out really hard (my diet was pretty horrible this week, though. It was a busy week, and I just didn’t have the time to get my stuff together), so next week, I’m turning up the intensity again, increasing my work-out frequency, changing up my diet, and hoping for the best. After that goal, though I didn’t have anything set.

I was looking at my calendar for work, and I realized that I have 8 weeks left until bikini season. HOLY CRAP. I don’t think I’ve ever worn a bikini in my life and looked good in it. I’ve always worn something over it, or bought a cute one piece to cover up.  So that’s my next goal! By early, or Mid-June, I want to be able to try on a bikini, and have it actually look good on me. I might film it, and put it on here to recap my life like I always do. I think it would be fun to go try on swimsuits with my friends, and feel good in one, and buy a really cute one that isn’t black, or plain. I know that this goal is going to take a lot of hard work. It means that I REALLY can’t go to the bar with my friends, and have a beer, or that I have to be really mindful of my diet, and I have to play out my portions when I go out, or eat at a friends house. That’s all the same stuff as before, though. Conscious choices that I have to make, and no one else can make for me. This will be a good exercise in that, and a way to get myself back to being regimented. I’m excited.


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