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I didn’t realize how much of a breakfast fanatic I am. I do it all: pancakes, french toast, mimosas, bacon, toast and jam, breakfast tacos, quiche, quinoa and fruit, whatever. I LOVE breakfast. I live for the weekend because I actually have a lot of time to experiment with breakfast, and try out new recipes and techniques in the kitch. I’m not a great cook, but I’m learning every day, and breakfast is just about THE cheapest way to experiment.

The one thing I SUCK at though, is scrambled eggs. It seems easy enough right? Heat the pan to medium, beat the eggs in a separate bowl, with some milk, or heavy cream, salt, and maybe a pinch of your favorite spices. Stir it gently, and there ya go! Perfect eggs.

Nope, not for me at least. I have a ridiculously hard time with these little things, but I found a great article, and got some help from a friend on how to cook scramble some good eggs. I used this recipe and I had THE best eggs this morning – they were silky and amazing. Next time, I think I’ll add feta, spinach and tomatoes and greek it up a bit. My friend suggested goat cheese which I’m sure is AMAZING. Here they are:

In case you’re not a link clicker, the recipe is below – but click some links, and stop being lazy!

In the work out realm, this week I’ve done a lot of things differently than I usually had. First, I had my first run off of a treadmill. I ran a mile on the Rice running trail this week. We did 3 miles total, but I was proud of myself for doing that for the first time. Running outside is really hard. I’m way more impressed with people who can do it now.

I also had my first week in a long time of working out by myself. It was so hard to yell at myself to do it everyday, but somehow, I jumped in my car every day this week and went to spin classes, lifted weights, did my normal routine, and put in the hard work. It was a hard week for me, but I tried to make the best of it. I feel like I say every week is hard. It’s all hard, but i’ve never felt like it isn’t worth it.

Lastly, I started adding 15 minutes of yoga to the end of my day every day this week. I started doing it before I went to sleep so I could chill out, have an extra stretch after my workouts, but also burn some extra calories. The extra work is actually paying off. I haven’t lost any weight, but my inches are slowly coming down. The definition in my abs is coming back, and my waist is getting to be really defined. There are no holidays around the corner to ruin that for me. Here’s me now. I decided that my swimsuit would be my new unit of measurement. It’s actually starting to look good, eh?

Waist: 32
Hips: 39.5
Photo op:


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Mila Clarke Buckley
Mila Clarke Buckley

Mila is the author of Hangry Woman and a person with type 2 diabetes, trying to navigate the world of food, while also sharing positive representations of people living with type 2 diabetes.

She lives in Texas with her Husband, Bryan, and her pups, Lily and Cooper. She loves to talk to her readers, so find her on social media and say hello!

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  1. July 15, 2012 / 2:51 pm

    The milk and butter is essential! Almost every time I cook breakfast, I make scrambled eggs. The milk makes them fluffy and the butter ensures they stay that beautiful yellow.

    I’m up for weekend brunch experiments! We should have Saturday or Sunday brunches and explore healthy -but tasty- breakfast dishes with friends!

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