10 minute hummus at home!

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10 minute hummus at home!

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I’m a total hummus lover! Even before I started doing the vegetarian thing, I liked using humus in a bunch of different ways – as a dip, as a replacement for mayo on a sandwich, inside of wraps, and it’s great on salad too.

I always bought my hummus from the store in the container. It started to get kind of expensive, but I felt like I wasn’t really getting much for what I was paying for.

It’s my goal to be able to cook everything I like to eat, and so I figured I would try to make hummus from scratch.

So often I’ve heard hummus is so tedious. That you have to find tahini, you have to soak, and boil chickpeas forever before they’re ready to be ground into a paste for hummus. Everyone who I know who has made it always told me that it’s just worth it to buy hummus at the store.

I totally disagree now. I made hummus in less than 10 minutes, and I think it tasted far better than the store-bought kind. It was also cheaper per batch than store-bought. Especially because canned Garbanzo beans are so cheap! See the recipe below! How do you like to eat your Hummus? Are there any recipes that you absolutely love that use it?

[yumprint-recipe id=’13’]

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    1. That was something that surprised me about this when I tried it out. It didn’t take terribly long to make, and I loved that 1 can made a good enough sized batch for me to use as a snack! AND, It was really cheap to make. I’m totally on the budget kick lately!

    1. Thanks! I actually don’t have a plug-in. It’s a part of my wordpress theme. I’m using cooking press, and I changed EVERYTHING to make it look how I wanted to. I put a ton of work into it, but It was totally work it. I think the theme was around $50. I have been told that “Get Me Cooking” is an awesome plugin for recipes if you’re looking for one to try out :).

  1. That looks sooooo delicious! I’ve tried making humus and it didn’t work out too well. You’ve inspired me to give it a second shot!

  2. UHMMM this looks amazing! The pictures makes me want to grab a green pepper smothered in that yummy hummus of yours and chomp away! delish!!! can’t wait to try it – that is, IF you ever bring me some!

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