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I wanted to re-write my bio, and then I was like like “…wait, why do I need a bio?”

I’m not a celebrity.

I dont have endorsements, millions of dollars from selling my product, or a reality television show (whether or not that makes you a celebrity is a totally different argument).

But I am a girl, with a website, and a desire to write about things that I like, whether they’re social, personal, political, or religious. I host my stuff in my MilaClarke.com hub of Mila things, and although you can get to know me through my work, what’s a writer without a bio? How do you know where she’s going to go, if you don’t know where she came from?

Someone read my bio out loud to me one night last year, and I felt really fake, and static ever since. I felt stuffy, like someone was reading a description of me from what it probably says on my chart at the therapists office.  I’ve been brainstorming for weeks: “How do I tell a story about myself without telling a story about myself?” I’m still stumped. I don’t know what people want to read in a bio, and that’s weird to me because I know tons about branding, and that’s one of the first things I should know. I know how to tell everyone else’s stories but my own.

But it’s completely in the back of my mind.

Maybe it’s because I always had this dread about writing my bio. “What if it makes me seem like I’m dead? “Should I write it in 3rd person?” “Doesn’t everyone who’s a writer know that they loved to tell stories since they were one years old?” Yeah…dread.

I think this weekend I’ll start with my roots. I’ll take a notebook to the park, and I sit on a bench with some headphones, and maybe a few Death Cab For Cutie songs before I really get to feeling like there’s a story about me worth telling. I know it’s in there somewhere, I just don’t know how to start digging it up.

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