Mila tries starting over.

Mila tries starting over.

I’ve been thinking about what to do here for a few months.

I didn’t want to just write a blog about cooking anymore. It meant a lot to me, but with all of the changes happening in my life, things seemed to shift so quickly, and I saw things differently.

The biggest theme in my life lately has been to say yes. To go out of my comfort zone and to try new things. I’m used to saying “no” in my head when a new experience shows up in front of me. I force myself to say yes most of the time, and the outcome is usually way better than I would think.

If you’ve followed for a while, you’ll notice how much things have changed. What was once ‘Tales From The Kitch,’ is now ‘Mila Tries.”

I loved this idea because it allows me to be open about more than just the nourishing comfort of food. It allows me to talk about life as I’m experiencing it. There will be food (there’s ALWAYS food), but there will be a lot of life too. That’s what I’m excited to write about.

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Speaking of trying new things, and saying yes – I’m trying vlogging. I’ve wanted to do it for years, but I was scared about sharing videos – it feels more personal than writing. I’m sharing my first Vlog here. I hope you’ll enjoy. Aside from this one, I’ll be posting new vlogs every Sunday as I’m working on losing weight and getting healthy.

Happy new year, everyone!



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