Moping and Measuring.

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I’m really competitive when it comes to losing weight. I always like going to the gym with a friend because I know that we can get the best out of each other. Lately I’ve been going to the gym with Jen. We’ve kind of been training each other back and forth in hour and a half sessions. We do HIIT together, lift together, and we come up with crazy routines to make the most of the time we’ve got at the gym. The cool thing about our gym time is that when I want to quit at the 5th rep, she yells at me: “You only have 5 more! Why are you quitting already?” No one ever yells at me. I love it, actually.

The thing that I’ve realized about weight loss is that you can do it alone, but it helps 1000% to have someone there with you, pushing you along. They’re not going to talk you into going to the gym, or keep tabs on your snacking, but they will help you by sharing their ups and downs with you, and laughing between sets, and cheering for you when you do your last squat, and you fall down on the mat. It’s the joy of having a partner.

Why am I moping about that? I know it won’t be like that forever. I know one day I’ll have to really do this on my own – like really on my own, not like “oh darn, I had to go twice this week by myself.” I’ve been at this since November, and I’ve reached the goals I’ve set so far, but I’m moping because I know that I’m not ready to do it alone. I could, if I tried, but it’s going to be hard, and I don’t want to think about it. I can’t stumble backwards because I don’t like going to the gym alone.

Another experiment this week is in measurement – or the lack of. This week has been difficult. I’ve been spending time at home while my mom is out of town, which means my commute to work shot up to an hour, instead of 15 minutes, and I have to wake up a full 2 hours earlier than I normally do (and the hour and a half drive home is HELL). Yuck. This has put a hinge in my goals this week. As much as I didn’t want to be at the gym, though, I dragged myself there and knocked out some really good cardio sessions this week. Eating has been the same, but the opportunity to snack is all over the place. I forgot how “minimalist” my kitchen is when it comes to what’s in the pantry. I don’t keep anything in my cupboards that I couldn’t eat in moderation. and the case is the opposite here.  My scale is also not with me, and neither is my measuring tape. I won’t weigh until Wednesday, which gives me 5 full days to completely mess this up. A large part of this process for me has been measuring everything, and it’s been tedious and time consuming – I measure food, workouts, calories burned, intake calories, reps for the week, mile times, my waist, hips, arms, everything! My weight is included in that, and it really is what helps me stay on track. I always know why I did bad one week, and not another, because I have everything noted. I’m freaking out because I’m not measuring for some of these days, just to see how I do. I’m 3 measly pounds from my 2nd goal. Wednesday is that deadline. I’m competing with myself to make it.

Finally: I’ve been taking pictures all along, and noting my progress. I took a picture today that I had my qualms about putting up. I don’t feel great about it, so I don’t know why I’m showing it (it’s apart of the process I guess). I’m starting to get definition in my abs. I’m still flabby, but I’m pretty impressed with myself. All of those ab wipes, planks, and push-ups are working. I think I need to kick up the intensity to near death in my work-outs to get a complete set of abs, but it’s starting, and I’m pretty excited. I wish I had a before picture, but here’s the magic:

So. I'm getting abs? Cool.


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  1. Jennifer
    April 6, 2012 / 10:13 pm

    I will be there for you for as long as you would like!!! It helps me too so a BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!*

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