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close up photo of roasted garlic with salt

How to roast garlic

Learning to roast garlic is one of the simplest techniques you can learn, and also one of the most valuable. This recipe for roasted garlic works every single time.

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Hey, Ya'll!

Mila Clarke Buckley is a diabetes advocate who started her food blog, "The Hangry Woman," after being diagnosed with diabetes and struggling to find approachable resources to help her manage the chronic condition and live a happy, healthy life. aims to take away the shame and stigma that comes with a diabetes diagnosis and covers topics like diabetes management, cooking, and self-care from the perspective of someone living with the chronic condition. Mila lives in Houston with her husband and two pups.

life with diabetes

Learn more about living with diabetes

what's for dessert

Satisfy that sweet tooth with sugar-free options

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My husband's favorite recipes


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