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I tried this once. I try everything just about once. Sometimes I go back to it, and sometimes it’s not worth it, but this particular thing was worth it to me after consulting with a few people who’d done it, loved it, and are happy with the choice.

I’d been teetering on the edge of being a vegetarian for a while now, but I only told Bryan and Katie about it initially because I thought I might get crazy reactions from other people (and I did, and it was disappointing). I’d talked to people who’ve done it long-term, and were able to make healthier choices because of it. People who didn’t just satisfy their diets with cheese and bread because they couldn’t have meat. I looked to some friends as resources and vegetarian/vegan guidance counselors. I wasn’t disappointed with the amount of information they were able to give me, and the encouragement they provided. I meant a lot.

Lots of my friends have questioned my motives, but I wanted to remind myself why I’m doing this: 

  • I like challenges – I want to challenge myself to be more creative with food, and think about it a bit differently. 
  • I want to eat food that’s good and good for me.
  • I want to add more fruits and veggies into my diet without meat being an easy way out (because for me, I could literally only eat meat for the rest of my life and be happy, but that’s not the healthiest thing in the world).
  • I want to eat things that grow from the earth. 
  • I want to watch what I eat very closely.
  • I ultimately want to do anything that’s good for my health. 

For the time being, I’m still eating eggs and dairy. I couldn’t go completely cold turkey (ha!), but for the most part, my diet is going plant-based. I’ve been at it for a week today, and although it has been a big adjustment for me. and it hasn’t come without its battles, I found out that I love tofu if done right and switching it up has helped with the my weight loss goals (I dropped 3 pounds this week by just changing how I’m eating). 

Any other people who’ve gone vegetarian? Why’d you do it? What are some of your favorite recipes to get together?



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  1. April 23, 2015 / 9:39 pm

    So many congrats!!! Check out Happy Herbivore Abroad, and anything by Chloe Coscarelli. They’re vegan and not vegetarian, but I’ve collected a lot of cookbooks over the past 2 years and I keep coming back to these. They’ll be very helpful if you find yourself in a rut. Please, please let me know if you want to chat and/or have lunch. I’m kind of obsessed with Chipotle, Radical Eats, Zoe’s Kitchen, Lucy’s, Hugo’s, and Pondicheri

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