How to make grain-free, low carb keto waffles

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There are lots of questions about the best way to make a chaffle. Here’s some guidance in my ultimate chaffle guide!

A lovely breakfast recipe for Keto waffles (or Chaffles as they’re lovingly known) that includes one of my favorite breakfast foods! This recipe is low carb and will surprise you with how much they taste like real waffles.



1 tablespoon of almond flour

1 egg

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 shake of cinnamon

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 cup mozzarella cheese (full fat, skim or nonfat will work depending on your preferences). 


In a bowl, mix together, egg and vanilla extract.

Mix in baking powder, almond flour, and cinnamon.

Lastly, add in the mozzarella cheese and coat it evenly with the mixture.

Spray your waffle maker with oil and let it heat up to its highest setting.

Cook the waffle, checking on it every 5 minutes until it gets crunchy and golden. A tip: Make sure you put in half of your batter. The waffle maker can overflow, making it a messy process. I suggest putting down a silpat mat for an easy clean up.

Take it out carefully, and top it with butter, and your favorite low-carb syrup.



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