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Keto Waffles: Fast and Easy Chaffles

A sweet waffle with only 4 net grams of carbohydrates.

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Never made a chaffle before? Click here for an FAQ on chaffles.

Check out all of my chaffles, including pumpkin pie, and everything bagel here.

Need a waffle maker? Here are 5 great ones for all kinds of cooking needs!

With my low-carb diet and diabetes diagnosis, I’ve taken the steps to cut out most anything that has high carb content. One breakfast treat that I’ve missed a whole lot is waffles, and I think you’re going to like this Keto Waffle/Keto Chaffle recipe.

Hey! A quick note before you start reading!

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What is a chaffle?

A chaffle is a keto dish made with eggs, melty cheese and seasonings combined and baked in a waffle maker, to create a crunchy, low carb waffle.

How long does it take to make a chaffle?

A chaffle can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes to make depending on your waffle maker and how many you’re making.

What kinds of cheese can I use in a chaffle?

You want to be sure the cheese you’re using can melt, but is also sturdy. I recommend cheeses like cheddar and mozzarella as a starting point.

Can you make chaffles ahead?

Yes! You can make batches ahead of time, and freeze them for up to a week. Heat them in your toaster, or by wrapping them in a damp towel and microwaving for 20-30 seconds. Note: sweet chaffle recipes end up tasting cheesy again when re-heated, so you may need to add a dash of cinnamon, or some keto-friendly sweetener after it’s heated.

Here’s the interesting thing about this – although the waffle contains no grains, the base of this Keto waffle is cheese.

And I know you’re looking at this like “did this woman really just say cheese?”

Yes – the biggest stabilizer in this Keto Waffle is mozzarella cheese. Here’s why?

Why are you making keto waffles with cheese?

I was a skeptic about this method too when I saw it pop up on KetoMadMan’s Instagram.

Keto Chaffle

Cheese is the perfect base for these because of its versatility. Mozzarella, in particular, has high fat and protein content, and it’s a little salty, so you get that amazing salty-sweet flavor.

It’s a mild enough cheese to use for a sweet recipe, which is what I did here. Cheese also gets nice and crispy when baked and then cooled.

Is almond flour necessary?

When I tested recipes, I tried with some almond flour and without.

What I noticed was that chaffles without almond flour have more of an eggy taste, less structure, and tend to look like melted cheese when you cut into them. They do get crunchy on the outside, but you don’t get that true “waffle” texture and the cheese gets a bit stringy.

Adding a small amount of almond flour and mixing your ingredients well reduces the eggy taste, and also gives it more of that “bready” waffle texture.

So what does this keto waffle taste like?

One thing I miss on a low carb diet is a crunch. I’ve talked about it several times in Keto recipes. Things with a crunchy texture are okay on Keto, but honestly, there’s nothing like real crunch.

Keto Chaffle

I’m glad to say that when you cut into this waffle, you’re going to get that crunch you miss. Bryan actually said “if you hadn’t told me this was made of cheese, I wouldn’t have known.”

As for the taste, you can sweeten it up with your favorite blood sugar friendly sweeteners like Swerve or Monk Fruit, or go savory with a little bit of garlic powder and a stronger cheese like sharp cheddar. It’s truly versatile.

Lastly, what are Keto Waffles without syrup? To me, ChocZero‘s Maple Pecan has literally been a lifesaver for me. It’s been exciting to still have one of my favorite dishes without the worry.

Tips for making keto waffles.

Keto waffles or chaffles

This is a very messy process if you don’t cut the batter in half before you make them. I had some blow-outs in my waffle maker and cheese everywhere. Be sure you portion it out to minimize overflow.

If you’re still worried about it, I recommend a Silpat mat for your countertop. You can place your waffle maker on top, and it makes for easy clean up in case your chaffle spills over.

Enjoy the recipe below and let me know what you think of these keto waffles/chaffles.

A note about my Choczero syrup recommendation

I got more than a few comments about my syrup of choice. A few people claimed that Choczero contains maltodextrin.

It does not.

I got enough comments to alarm me that something was wrong, so I went to the source, and they answered me publicly.

For me personally, the syrup had very little effect on my blood sugar.

I saw an increase of 1-2 points (to compare, I wake up 20-30 points higher doing nothing but sleeping). Each individual has unique needs, so judge your needs and sensitivities carefully.

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How to make grain-free, low carb keto waffles

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4.9 from 30 reviews

  • Author: Mila
  • Total Time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: 2 waffles 1x
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There are lots of questions about the best way to make a chaffle. Here’s some guidance in my ultimate chaffle guide!

A lovely breakfast recipe for Keto waffles (or Chaffles as they’re lovingly known) that includes one of my favorite breakfast foods! This recipe is low carb and will surprise you with how much they taste like real waffles.



1 tablespoon of almond flour

1 egg

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 shake of cinnamon

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 cup mozzarella cheese (full fat, skim or nonfat will work depending on your preferences).


In a bowl, mix together, egg and vanilla extract.

Mix in baking powder, almond flour, and cinnamon.

Lastly, add in the mozzarella cheese and coat it evenly with the mixture.

Spray your waffle maker with oil and let it heat up to its highest setting.

Cook the waffle, checking on it every 5 minutes until it gets crunchy and golden. A tip: Make sure you put in half of your batter. The waffle maker can overflow, making it a messy process. I suggest putting down a silpat mat for an easy clean up.

Take it out carefully, and top it with butter, and your favorite low-carb syrup.


  • Need a waffle maker? Here are some options!
  • You can also add a sweetener like Swerve if you really want that extra sweetness. I opted not to, and instead used a low carb syrup that I feel is sweet enough.
  • This recipe can be frozen, and reheated in the microwave for 30 seconds – 1 minute. Let it cool for 1 minute, and the crunch comes right back – it’s actually crunchier than fresh, which seems like a miracle to me! 
  • Be warned if you freeze it, the mozzarella flavor actually gets stronger in my tests. Add a dash of cinnamon and teaspoon of butter on top before you eat it. They’re best enjoyed fresh.
  • These can be frozen for up to 7 days in a ziplock bag without air. 
  • As indiated by users, the recipe makes 4 mini chaffles in the DASH mini waffle maker, or 2 chaffles in a regular sized waffle maker, or one large chaffle in a Belgian waffle maker. Eat what fits in your macros, but the nutrition information listed is for 1 large chaffle, which is the serving size. 
  • Macros will vary by ingredents. Using full fat, vs skim vs nonfat cheese can increase or decrease your nutrition information. This recipe used low moisture, part-skim mozzarella cheese, so be sure to recalculate your macros if you’re tracking closely.
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Category: Breakfast
  • Method: Baking
  • Cuisine: Keto


  • Serving Size: 1/2 belgian chaffle
  • Calories: 221
  • Sugar: 0.2g
  • Sodium: 460mg
  • Fat: 15g
  • Carbohydrates: 7.1g
  • Fiber: 0.2g
  • Protein: 17.6g
  • Cholesterol: 133mg

More about chaffles

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124 Responses

  1. These Waffles Are Great!! I see that allot of people are saying “theres too much baking soda and taste’s like salt.” I have your answer this is what went wrong: You mixed up the baking powder with baking soda. In this recipe you put baking POWDER not Soda. Enjoy Your Cooking!

  2. Am I missing something??? Several comments mention the nutritional info for this recipe. I have scanned through this page a few times and cannot find any mention of the nutritional info.

    1. The nutritional info is listed in the bottom of the recipe card twice – once as a nutritional panel (desktop only) and one written out (mobile and desktop).

      Serving Size: 1/2 belgian chaffle Calories: 221 Sugar: 0.2g Sodium: 460mg Fat: 15g Carbohydrates: 7.1g Fiber: 0.2g Protein: 17.6g Cholesterol: 133mg

  3. THANK YOU for stating that your blood sugar number goes up while sleeping and doing nothing, eating nothing. I am having the same thing happen and cannot get any answer from my doctor as to why this happens. He is being…rather idiotic lately…but that is another story. I am going to try this recipe. Thank you for posting this.

    1. Try asking him to explain dawn phenomenon! It occurs in some people (where your body just dumps glucose into your bloodstream, resulting in a morning spike. My doctor is helping me adjust my basal rate so it doesn’t happen as often, but I agree that it’s a PAIN!

      Also, if your doctor is being a jerk – fire him :). If you have the ability to switch, find someone who is supportive and will listen.

  4. I have tried several chaffles and all have been to eggy for my taste. However, yours was fabulous and i made it with extra sharp cheddar since i did not have mozzarella. DELISH!

    1. I’m SO glad to hear that, Lydia! Chaffles have been an awesome addition to my meal rotation, so I’m glad I was able to create one you like too!

  5. Hi, great article! Very helpful it a mist of reading other group chats/websites/blogs. Could you use coconut flour instead of almond? Have you tried it? I only have ground almonds, so it’s not a smooth as flour, but I have coconut flour lol x

    1. You can most certainly make the swap! Your waffle may be a little dry as coconut flour tends to soak up lots of moisture. It will still turn out great, just a different texture from one with almond flour.

  6. Eating my first one right now! I made it exactly like your recipe but added a little Swerve in the batter and since I didn’t have syrup I sprinkled Granulated Swerve and cinnamon, and butter of course on top. Super good!! Thanks so much!

  7. I just made it. It was so good. I have an old fashioned waffle iron that spits out 4 rectangles. This recipe made 2 1/4 rectangles. I slathered on some butter and my Keto friendly maple syrup and couldn’t be more thrilled. It was perfect. It was a total treat. I felt like I just ate the most luscious dessert. I’m going to try a savory one, and a pizza one, and…. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your kind, comment Roxanne! I’m so glad it tasted like a great treat! I’m a little biased, but I think they’re great too! I hope you check out the other chaffle recipes!

    1. Yes you can! You can sub 1:1, but note the texture may be more dry as coconut flour tends to absorb moisture. Hope this helps!

    1. Shredded is your best bet on this one! If you shred it yourself, you’ll come out with a lower carb count. Pre-shredded cheese always has some additives like potato starch to prevent clumping! Happy chaffling!

    1. Yes! It’s possible to make the swap, but your texture will change a little bit. Coconut flour tends to soak up moisture and will make your waffle drier.

  8. Had never heard of a chaffle until I talked to a friend of mine recently who has been doing Keto. I promptly searched Pinterest for recipes and came across yours. Made my first chaffle this morning, and OMG it was so good! I totally understood what you were saying about missing crunch since starting Keto. I enjoyed every bite of crunchy chaffle! Definitely will make this often. Thank you for the recipe!

  9. These look amazing, I am thinking of making them for breakfast, but is the nutritional value for two, or 1? You say 2 large, but the nutrition facts say 2 servings. Just curious?

    1. Hi Cherry, I updated the wording for some clarity. The recipe makes 2 regular chaffles or 4 minis. The serving size is 1 regular sized chaffle, or two minis. The nutrition facts are for 1 regular sized chaffle. I hope that helps!

  10. Hi Mila, thank you for sharing this great recipe 🙂 I find mozzarella is perfect for savory chaffles but I prefer cream cheese for a sweet version. How much cream cheese would you use in place of the mozzarella? TIA

    1. I love sharper cheese for the savory version and mozzarella works great in sweet recipes for structure, and they are pretty mild. Cream cheese works for taste, but be wary that you may not get the same crunchy texture. You could try a hybrid of mixing the cream cheese and mozz to see if you retain texture and get that sweeter flavor! I would love to hear what you think about doing this!

  11. I made these and they were delicious, so thank you for sharing the recipe. I am wondering where the sugar calculation comes from? What ingredient gives us the 1.3g sugar and does the carb come from the Almond flour? Thank you.

    1. Great question! In my calculations, sugar is coming from the vanilla extract and carbs are coming from the almond flour.

      This will vary based on the brands you end up using, so you may get a higher or lower calculation than I do based on what you use.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It’s greatly appreciated!

  12. Wow. Just got finished making two chaffles and they were absolutely just as you described – crunchy and delicious! Thank you SO MUCH. I was very impressed with the texture and the taste. Keep those recipes coming, my friend! You rock!

  13. I am on w w but would like to use more keto recipes and this one looks delicious. But we use sat., fats as part of ouir caclulator not just fats, Will that make a difference,

  14. How in the world did you get 3g of fat per waffle? One cup of cheese is 20ish grams, and that’s not counting the fat in the egg and almond flour. So if this recipe makes 2 large waffles, wouldn’t there be 10+ g of fat in each one?

    1. Great question, Wendy.

      This will depend on the cheese you use, full-fat mozzarella is going to have a higher fat content than low fat, part-skim mozzarella, or non-fat mozzarella (which I used). Different brands will also have varying nutrition information. I’ve noticed that Kraft, Kirklands and store brands all vary slightly per 1/4 cup. 1g of fat in this recipe comes from the almond flour, and 5g comes from the egg. The mozzarella I used, has 0g of fat.

  15. My T1 son, who loves waffles but rarely gets them, loves these. I added sugar free vanilla syrup instead of regular vanilla to kick up the sweetness factor for him. Gigantic hit. Thank you!

    1. I’m so happy to hear that this is something he enjoyed! We all need our comforts! Thanks for stopping by, and trying out the recipe!

  16. I cannot stop eating these. I had them last night for dinner. Tonight, we are going to make them with Cheddar and make them into buns for a fried egg sandwich. You have just made me enjoy my Keto lifestyle so much more!

    1. I haven’t tried it, so I’m not sure of the outcome, but if you use it, I would love to know how it turns out!

  17. Hello, can you tell me why the almond flour? What does it do to the chaffle. Most all the other posts i’ve seen are just cheese/egg and seasoning. I would just like to know. Thanks

    1. Great question!

      When I tested recipes, I tried with some almond flour and without.

      What I noticed was that chaffles without almond flour have more of an eggy taste, less structure, and tend to look like melted cheese when you cut into them. They do get crunchy on the outside, but you don’t get that true “waffle” texture and the cheese gets a bit stringy.

      Adding a small amount of almond flour and mixing your ingredients well reduces the eggy taste, and also gives it more of that “bready” waffle texture.

      I love this question, and I would be happy to add it to my article to help anyone else wondering the same.

  18. Tried this [recipe] for the first time to make Hubs a breakfast sandwich (Canadian bacon, egg and sliced cheese for the “guts) and omitted the cinnamon portion but kept the vanilla. (I used the waffles in place of english muffins.) I also used the Dash mini-waffle maker and the Dash rapid egg cooker for the egg portion of my breakfast sandwich.

    It was delicious! And she’s right, the “batter” for this needs to be about a quarter cup for the waffle not to ooze out. I used wax paper and it got whatever excess. Next time I’ll be more careful.

    Highly recommend.

    1. I’m so happy to hear this, and I LOVE your variation! I’m working on a few alternative chaffle recipes :).

  19. Thank you for this recipe. It was super easy and super good! I thought it would taste too eggie, but so surprised how light and crunchy it was and no egg taste! I had one big waffle and I am full! This is my first recipe to try. I can’t wait to try more of your recipes:)

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed! It has been wonderful to create a recipe like this that is both tasty, and works well for low carb diets!

  20. Can you tell me why some recipes call for almond flour and some do not? Some also call for baking powder. Can you tell me what these two ingredients actually do for the recipe? Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Robin, that’s a great question!

      When I tested recipes, I tried with some almond flour and without.

      What I noticed was that chaffles without almond flour have more of an eggy taste, less structure, and tend to look like melted cheese when you cut into them. They do get crunchy on the outside, but you don’t get that true “waffle” texture and the cheese gets a bit stringy.

      Adding a small amount of almond flour and mixing your ingredents well reduces the eggy taste, and also gives it more of that “bready” waffle texture.

      I love this question, and I would be happy to add it to my article to help anyone else wondering the same.

  21. This recipe is awesome, thank you!
    A word of warning though, be careful with that syrup, it contains Malodextrin which will give you a big spike in blood sugar. It might be fine for anyone on a Keto diet but for diabetics trying to manage blood sugar through Keto it is a no-go.

      1. haha, 6 times… I didn’t realize there was 7 more pages of comments when I made mine but thank you so much for taking the time to look into this, that article was very enlightening! You’re doing amazing work here, keep it up!

  22. i was happily surprised they didn’t taste so eggy, and turned out nice and crispy, all i did was put butter on them, and after only 2, i was FULL!!! and happy, LOL!!! another game changer!

    1. It’s the magic of this particular chaffle! I really worked to make sure there was good balance! I’m glad it turned out well for you, Carol!

  23. i have made these several times. My daughter has no idea they aren’t eggo! SO GOOD! I use the mini waffle maker and get 4 out of the recipe, so 1g carb per waffle

    1. It makes me so happy to hear that you’ve made these and loved them over and over, Shannon! I’m glad your daughter is loving them too. I can’t wait to share some new flavors!

  24. Tasted good, turned out well, but i feel that the mozzarella cheese makes it a bit salty, which doesn’t go well with a sweet waffle recipe. Now i’m going to look for some cheese that’s less salty to make these with.

    1. I would recommend using a lower sodium cheese. Mozzarella is one of the mildest cheeses to use, so it’s typically very versatile in this recipe. Someone else mentioned the saltiness a while back, and another suggestion would be to up the cinnamon by a 1/4 teaspoon. It won’t overwhelm it, but it might mask that saltiness a little more.

      Thanks for trying it, and leaving a review. It’s greatly appreciated! Let me know how it turns out for you with another cheese :). I’m so curious about all of the variations!

  25. I’ve seen these around and was curious. Did you make these with a mini waffle maker or a regular sized one?

    1. Hi, Stephanie, this was made on a regular size waffle maker. This batch makes 2 regular sized waffles or 4 minis.

  26. Just made these for breakfast today. Delicious!!! The mixture was just enough to fill my small waffle maker.
    Thanks, Greg

  27. Just made these with my new mini waffle maker. Oh my! I’m in heaven! Keto just got a whole lot easier. Thank you for the recipe!

  28. The waffles look good! I came after winging it, and making a mess, lol. You might want to check your bg with that syrup, though. Sadly, it’s got maltodextrin as the liquid fiber ingredient. It could kick you out of ketosis.

    1. Ha! It took me a couple of tries to finally NOT make a mess with these!

      ChocZero has been fine for me (glucose and ketosis wise, and I’m sticking to the serving size). Thank you for the note about the maltodextrin! I’ll make sure to include it for readers :).

  29. My son gave us a mini waffle maker for Christmas. Being KETO, I thought this was a fairly obtuse gift. But upon reading about Chaffles, I finally took it out of the box 8 months later and WOW. They are so good. I used this MINI maker and it made 4 perfect little treasures. Crispy and delicious. Your are right how much they taste like waffles. By the way, they took exactly 5 minutes in the mini waffle maker.

    1. HA! I’m so glad you could find such a good use for your son’s gift! Chaffles are the best :). Stay tuned, as I’m coming out with some other flavors!

  30. I loved these! I just have a question.. I’m new to sugar free syrup. What kind do you use? I used Maple Grove brand, and although it served its purpose it had a strange aftertaste. Are some better than others?

  31. Excited to have come across the recipe! We are starting on our keto meal planning tomorrow, and these will be a perfect addition!

  32. Do you use pre shredded cheese, or grate your own? I know pre shredded sometimes has fillers that affect the melting process…. Thanks!

    1. Grated cheese of any kind is fine. This recipe used Kirkland’s pre-shredded mozzarella, and the cheese had no trouble melting and stabilizing. Thanks for commenting!

      1. I used the fresh mozzarella from Costco and I think it had too much moisture; at least that’s the only th thing I can think of, why it stuck so badly to my waffle maker. I had to pry it off the top and bottom sections , in order to eat it. Very tasty, but would have preferred a whole waffle.

        1. The other thing that I can think of that happens to people is that if you don’t leave it on long enough, it won’t cook through enough to release. I hope it helps for next time – glad it was tasty!

    1. I split the recipe in half (one half for each waffle iron plate) for a full-size waffle maker. If using a mini waffle maker, split the recipe into 1/4

  33. Mmmmm . . . what a fun twist on the waffle! I can’t wait to give this recipe a try and with all the raving reviews, it looks like I’ll be adding to my recipe collection as well.

  34. I made 4 different kinds tonight! Cinnamon, Mexican, chocolate and plain cheese. The plain cheese was colby/jack with a little salt and pepper on top before lowering the lid. Cut in strips and dipped it in ranch. OMG, am I eating french fries? Dipped some in ketchup, yup…french fries!! AMAZING!!

  35. I would love photos of your process. What does the batter look like, is it chunky with shredded cheese? Is the cheese melted first? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for that feedback, Donna! I’m hoping to do a video of the process! It’s been highly requested. The batter is just shredded cheese, and it should be well coated with the egg and spices mixture. You drop it right into the waffle iron for perfect chaffles!

    1. Excellent idea, Anita! You could omit the vanilla and cinnamon and add garlic powder, or sesame seeds to make it savory. You can also try to experiment with a sharper cheese like cheddar for a more savory flavor. Be sure to come back an let me know how it goes!

  36. I almost never comment on recipes I try, but these are so delicious I couldn’t resist. I made them as you do, without the extra sweetener. The recipe made 3 mini waffles; they were delicious PERFECTION!!! Absolutely amazed there was
    no cheese taste. Now could you come up with some keto “grits”? Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Janis! This comment totally made my morning! Thank you so much for saying this! When I was testing recipes, I REALLY wanted to make one that didn’t taste like cheese. I’m so glad this worked for you, and thanks again for commenting!

    1. A couple of readers have done this as pancakes and really loved it! They do not rise, so they might be a little flat. If you end up trying it that way, let me know how it ends up.

  37. Since you posted this recipe I’ve been making them everyday even my husband loves them we made a big batch on Sunday and have leftovers for the remainder of the week! I seri Can’t stop making them this is the best keto version of waffles out there!

    1. I haven’t tried it, but it’s possible. You may have to adjust the ratio for coconut flour to bind it together. It may also result in a slighly softer waffle. Additionally, the coconut flour will give it a slight coconut flavor, so the taste will be a little different! I’ll try a test batch with coconut flour and report back. Thanks for commenting!

    1. I’ll have to do a test batch and try it out for ya! I just make these as I’m going to eat them for the freshest ones.

    1. Absolutely! I would take it down to a half cup of cheese. It ends up making half the recipe, but I feel more comfortable with the grams of fat in that swap.

      And with all of the rich ingredients in the savory version, a half portion is still really filling!

    1. I hope you love it! It’s SO good! The savory ones are a gem too. I like mine with some cheese, bacon, sour cream and chives.

  38. Going keto is on my ‘need to implement’ list. I don’t want to give up certain foods. Waffles might make the transition easier. Yum!

    1. I’ve loved keto – there have definitely been some things I’ve missed, but certainly lots to love!

  39. These look so amazing! I have not made waffles in a long time, but love this grain-free version. I can’t wait to give them a try!!!

      1. Your nutrition information will vary based on your ingredients. Higher fat cheeses are going to be higher in calories. Note in the recipe I used a lower fat, low moisture cheese. Full-fat cheeses are generally more in macros across the board.

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