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Your Diabestie is with you every step of the way

You don't have to do diabetes alone again.

A lot of us experience diabetes in isolation. I know I did. So, I started The Your Diabestie Podcast as a way to let you know that someone else with diabetes is in your corner, always.

Episodes & Transcripts of Your Diabestie

S1, Ep4: Your ACTUAL Diabestie

When you have a strong support system with diabetes, you can't overlook it. In this episode, I talk to my best friend, Katie Moreno. She knew me before my diabetes diagnosis, during some of the roughest periods of that transition, ...
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Your Diabestie Episode 3: Your Unemployed Diabestie

Your diabestie talks about job loss, communication, and the anxiety of unsteady work.
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Season 1, Episode 2 – What your diabestie wishes she knew before her diabetes diagnosis

Hindsight is 20/20, and there are so many things I wish I'd known before my diabetes diagnosis.
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Your Diabestie Podcast: Season 1, Episode 1: Hey Diabesties, I’m Mila!

Welcome to the first episode of Your Diabestie. I'm so excited to have you along this ride with me.
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