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A lot of us experience diabetes in isolation. I know I did. So, I started The Your Diabestie Podcast as a way to let you know that someone else with diabetes is in your corner, always.

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Episodes & Transcripts of Your Diabestie

What we get wrong about the weight loss revolution: Your Diabestie, Episode 16

Mila, a nutritionist and discussed the relationship between weight management and diabetes. she shared her personal journey and advocated for a balanced approach that combines weight loss drugs with lifestyle adjustments, emphasizing the need for support and understanding. The speaker ...
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Crushing Diabetes Stigma: How to Love Your Body with Diabetes! 🩸💪”Episode 15

Embracing a positive body image isn't about achieving some idealized version of perfection. It's about embracing your body for all that it is – scars, imperfections, and all. It's about shifting the focus from how your body looks to what ...
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Your Diabestie’s healthcare hurdles: Episode 14

Mila's account highlights the complexities and barriers that individuals with chronic illnesses often face when navigating the healthcare system, emphasizing the need for improved accessibility and understanding of patients' needs.
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Diabestie Alicia Torres thrived with low vision after partially losing her eyesight because of diabetes | Your Diabestie Episode 13

Torres's life took a drastic turn two years prior to the interview when she lost vision in her right eye and suffered low vision in her left due to a detached retina, exacerbated by stress, high blood sugar, and blood ...
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How silica works to balance blood sugars and reduce type 2 diabetes risk with Health Tech founder, Sana Alajmovic: Your Diabestie Episode 12

Your Diabestie discusses preventative healthcare and the importance of proactive measures to prevent chronic lifestyle diseases.
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What Actually Causes Diabetes? Your Diabestie Episode 11

In this episode of Your Diabestie, Mila discussed the multifaceted nature of diabetes, including its causes and symptoms, and highlighted the different types of diabetes and their management strategies. She emphasized the importance of recognizing warning signs and seeking appropriate ...
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