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Those small changes add up to big things. Pat yourself on the back, share your wins, and keep on going!

You are unique

Everyone's diabetes is different. Your needs aren't the same as anyone else's, and you should have a coach that tailors a program to YOU. You don't have to manage diabetes alone - 1:1, or group health coaching, diabetes tools, and community can help you reach your goals.

Shape your goals

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your A1C, learn to be a better cook, get more time in for self-care, or build some consistency around diabetes routines, I'll work with you to shape and track your goals for your best outcomes.

Empathy First

The world is often unkind to people with diabetes, and stigmatizing beliefs can shape how we feel about our disease. Rest assured, you'll be treated well, and encouraged along the way.

Improve your health

Support community
Habit Building
Setting SMART goals

I know diabetes sucks. It really does.

i've been where you are​

I felt a few things after my diabetes diagnosis:

Fear of Complications.

Loneliness and no community.

Shame over my high A1C.

Disbelief that this actually happening.

Overwhelmed by all of the changes I needed to make.

And a lot of wondering how i’d make all of these changes without support or understanding.

Then, I dedicated my life to making sure that no one ever has to feel that way again.

Benefits of Diabetes coaching

People with diabetes benefit from health coaching.


our doctors might not have the most time for emotional support around diabetes.


Doctors are caring, and want to see their patients thrive, and time isn’t always on their side.


That’s where adding a Certified Health Coach to your team comes in.


Your community
is a click away

we’re here
to help you.

Health coaching and resources should be accessible to all. Period. 

That’s why Glucose Guide exists. 

Our aim is to give people with diabetes the tools, resources and support they need without the overwhelming cost of support resources.

Inside the Glucose Guide community, people with diabetes like us come together to meet and support one another, share recipes, and learn about self-management, self-care and cooking.


The community is free and you have access to:

🎥 Live Coaching Events
📝 Access to discounted 1:1 coaching
🗣 Discussion spaces & Private support groups
📘 Diabetes Management Resources
💰 Deals and discounts on diabetes tools
🧠 Courses on building lasting lifestyle habits
🥑 Blood sugar-friendly recipes & monthly chef-led cooking demonstrations
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Mila Clarke is the Founder and lead Diabetes Coach of the Glucose Guide Community. 

Mila has lived with Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults since 2016, and is a Certified Diabetes Health and Wellness coach specializing in behavioral change.

Mila obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Houston in 2011 with a minor concentration in Health Studies.

She obtained her Integrative Nutrition Coaching certification in 2022 through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and is studying toward her Board Certification through the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching.

Mila is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Applied Nutrition at Lamar University in Texas, and working toward becoming a Registered Dietitian, and Diabetes Care and Education Specialist.

Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, Good Housekeeping, EatingWell and Healthline.

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