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Best waffle irons for making chaffles

Wondering what waffle maker to get for your perfect keto chaffles? Here are five great options to work with.


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Chaffles seem to be taking the world by storm, and you guys have loved my keto chaffles recipe. But one thing you need to make a good chaffle? A solid waffle iron!

Good waffle irons are really the backbone to a good chaffle.

You want something that’s not going to take up a ton of room in your kitchen, something that is going to cook your ingredients evenly, and the most important, something easy to clean.

Here are five waffle irons that you can use for your chaffles or keto waffles.

The Dash Waffle Iron


Why the Dash?: It’s compact, comes in fun colors, and makes one chaffle at a time.

The Dash waffle iron has taken the world by storm. It’s compact, super cute, and comes in so many different colors. The appeal of this waffle maker is that it’s teeny tiny. So, for small batches, this waffle iron works well.

Hamilton Beach 26009 Nonstick Belgian Waffle Maker


Why the Hamilton Beach?: It’s easy to store, easy to clean, and is made out of materials that hold up over time.

Coming in at slighly more than the DASH waffle maker is the Hamilton Beach 26009 Nonstick Belgian Waffle Maker. This waffle maker is a show stopper. It’s made of stainless steel for easy cleaning, and can be stored flat, or upright, leaving room in your kitchen.

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker


Why the Presto?: Novelty. It’s fun to flip the waffle maker as you cook it, just like waffle machines in the past.

This waffle iron is made with plastic and stainless steel and has a professional-style rotating design with extra-thick grid bakes a 7-inch diameter Belgian waffle with four easy-to-cut sections

It also includes a digital display with a countdown timer that signals when your chaffle is done.

DASH No-Drip Belgian Waffle Maker


Why the Dash No-Drip?: If you’re worried about messes, this has you covered. You don’t have to worry about counter spills.

For mess-free waffles, look no further. One of the biggest complaints I see about making chaffles is that the waffle maker sometimes overflows. This one has built in “pockets” to help your messes! Although, I do recommend placing a silpat mat under your waffle maker for easy clean-up.

Secura Upgrade Automatic 360 Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker w/Removable Plates


Why the Dash?: Removable plates make this easy to clean, so you can spend less time cleaning, and more time chaffle-ing.

Burgess Churwaffle maker


This one is awesome. It makes 4 at a time, so you can bulk make chaffles, and freeze them for easy eating!

I appreciate this waffle iron for chaffles because it has removable plates, which really makes for the easiest cleaning.

Waffles aren’t always easy to remove from your waffle maker, so just having on you can remove the plates from and wash easily is a win.

So, let me know in the comments below. Do you have any of these? Or which one would you choose?

Having the perfect waffle iron for your chaffles is an important part of making the perfect ones!

Don’t forget to check out my perfect, sweet cinnamon chaffle recipe once you get your waffle maker!

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