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The Hangry Woman Youtube Channel

Learning to navigate life with diabetes is challenings not matter where you are in the journey. I don’t have all of the answers, but I do love to share where I am, how it’s going, videos with my favorite recipes and diabetes tech. 

Food, meds and life with diabetes

They’re just a few things my channel tackles on a regular basis. 

I don’t just share all of the happy things about diabetes. I share the hard things, the things i’m figuring out, and what it’s like to live with diabetes in general.  

Playlist: Life with diabetes

Life With Diabetes

Playlist: Hangry Kitchen

Hangry Kitchen

Playlist: Can I (People with Diabetes) eat that?

Can I Eat That

good watching

I love making videos about my coffee adventures. 

Here’s one of my favorite ways to make a great cup of iced coffee.

I started my YouTube channel because I wanted to see other people like me doing the best they could with diabetes. I also wanted to know I wasn’t the only one struggling, and there was some hope. 

There's no reason to do diabetes alone

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