Diabetes Foot Care: Protecting My Feet With Gekks

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Diabetes Foot Care: Protecting My Feet With Gekks

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As a big part of my skincare routine, I’m always making sure I take care of my feet. The average person doesn’t have to worry about their foot care, or pay attention to their feet much. 

People with diabetes, however are a different story. 

Why Is Diabetes Foot Care Important?

When you have high blood sugars, your body’s healing process is different, and slower than normal. A cut anywhere on your body can take much longer to heal. 

It’s really important to pay special attention to your feet because unnoticed cuts, or sores can quickly get infected and have adverse consequences, like amputations. 

It’s important to keep your feet clean and moisturized. 

But what about in shoes?

Shoes can get gross pretty quickly, and in my experience, they’re sometimes hard to wash. I also always feel bad throwing away a good pair because I didn’t feel like I could salvage them. That’s where Gekks come in! 

What Are Gekks?

What are Gekks

Gekks are no-show, moisture wicking, odor eliminating socks that fasten into your shoes giving you an almost sock-less experience. In few words, they are live savers for your shoes.

They help with reducing blisters, and slippage inside of your shoes as well. The best part is, you never get those stinky feet (especially with flats or loafers), so there’s nothing to be insecure about! 

How do Gekks work?

How Gekks Work

Gekks work with an adhesive that attaches to the inside of your shoe. They don’t move inside of the shoe once they’re fastened and you slip your foot in. You can pull them out to wash them as needed and re-adhere them to your shoes. 

The best part is that you can’ see them, or smell them when you wear them. You’re basically going sockless! 

They work for both men’s and women’s shoes, and they come in various sizes. 

How much do Gekks cost?

Gekks range in price depending on what shoes you’re buying them for. There’s also a bundle pack if you plan to buy for multiple styles. Sign up for their mailing list though! You can get some great deals if you pay attention. 

What do Gekks feel like?

From the Gekks Website

Gekks are made of a silver coated fiber which FDA approved and antimicrobial, so keeps the bacteria away.

It’s also a washable material, and will permanently stay in your Gekks.

The biggest surprise to me is that once you slip them on, they mold to your feet, and after a certain point you really don’t know they are there. They make your shoes so, so comfortable.

They also mold to your body temperature – so they keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter! How cool is that?

What kind of shoes can you wear Gekks in?

Gekks No Show

Gekks are made for several styles. For women, they’re available in ballet flats, heels and wedges, loafers and slip-ons, sneakers and lace-ups. For men they’re available in loafers and slip ons and sneakers and laceups.  

Why did I buy Gekks?

I bought my Gekks because I was looking for a way to make my shoes last longer, but I wanted a way to protect my feet knowing that I hate wearing socks, and I hate them showing. 

These have been a great, affordable solution, and I feel like I can take care of my skin, while also using a product that protects my shoes. 

So, if you want a pair, be sure to visit the Gekks website! Use my code HANGRYWOMAN for 20% off your purchase!

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