Introducing Healthline’s Type 2 Diabetes community app

Learn why Healthline’s new type 2 diabetes online community is a helpful point of connection.


One thing that I’ve always struggled with through my diabetes journey is finding a positive, supportive and open-minded online community for people with type 2 diabetes.

With any condition, support is crucial, and being able to relate to people’s experiences makes you feel less alone in how you’re managing your own condition.

I’m so excited to share that Healthline has really done something amazing, and created this helpful, supportive community — and I’m you’re Community Guide!

features from healthline's Type 2 Diabetes Ap

What’s special about Healthline’s Type 2 Diabetes app?

I’m really fond of how Healthline has built this support community. Here are some of my favorite features:

  • 1:1 messaging for privacy and connection with other users. You can also be matched daily with other people with diabetes who have the same interests.
  • Group discussions and nightly chats offer nightly chats about topics ranging from how you balance diet, to complications you may be facing.
  • Trusted information from Healthline is always vetted by medical professions, so you’ll receive sound advice through articles, podcasts, blog posts and more.
  • A feed featuring discussions of the day.

When can I download it?

Now! The free app is available now. Set up your profile, and jump in with the community. You can choose to be anonymous if you feel better about keeping your questions private. You can join here and interact as much as you’d like.

People with type 2 diabetes need community, too

The reason I started Hangry Woman was that I wanted to find others who understood type 2 diabetes and could support me as I navigated a new normal.

This new community from Healthline is such an encouraging place, and I’m really excited it’s here. I think it’s going to help us all understand the vast and complicated life of managing diabetes.

Join me! Whether you have type 2, pre-diabetes, or you care for a loved one with diabetes, this is a great support community.

I can’t wait to see what you think! Be sure to drop by and introduce yourself in the app. I’ll be there for a virtual hug or high-five!

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