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Making money as a blogger: the ultimate guide to the best influencer networks

If you're not on PR lists as a blogger, join these networks for good brand connections.


When I first starting blogging I never got any PR outreach.

I wasn’t big enough, so no one cared to send me product to review, or pay for sponsored posts (I didn’t have much of an audience after all). I had to find work in different places to boost my blog presence, so I started using Influencer networks to gain experience on creating good content.

Influencer networks were really important to my start because I started in a place where I was unsure of how to monetize my content, and I was also spending a lot of my own money (I mean, a lot) to review products and post them on my blog. That does become really tough when you’re only making a tiny bit of money in the non-profit sector by day.

What are Influencer Networks?

When you first start blogging, you probably haven’t owned your content enough. Personally, I didn’t really have a strategy for putting myself out there as a blogger 10 years ago.

Thankfully, I’ve become much better at it, but it took some practice to understand how influencer networks could help me get brand work, experience, and connections to work on campaigns.

Influencer networks are almost like agents that work on behalf of bloggers to connect you with brands who want their product in front of your audience’s eyeballs. They are typically non-exclusive, and work with bloggers of any size spanning different niches.

Oftentimes, influencer networks will determine the worth of your platforms by your following, reach, and engagement.

Your ultimate guide to networks

Here is a comprehensive list of active influencer networks. You can sign up for these and apply to paid campaigns and campaigns for product.

If you notice that one of these needs an update, feel free to email me! These are as of May 2019.

Don’t forget that you also need to disclose your partnerships in a very specific way. I have some advice on that too.

Blog Meets Brand
The Blogger Programme
Bloggers Required
Bloggin’ Mamas
Bloggy Moms
BlogHer (SHE Media Partner Network)
The Brand Connection
Business 2 Blogger
Clever Girls Collective
Collective Bias (Social Fabric)
Everywhere Society
Find Your Influence
Global Influence
Ignite Social Media
Mami Innovative Media
Massive Sway
Millennial Blogs
The Mission List
Mom Bloggers Club
Mom It Forward
MomDot Media
The Motherhood
The Niche Parent Network
Parent Tested, Parent Approved
Stiletto Media
Talented Talkers
Weave Made Media
House Party/Chatterbox
Mom Select
Smiley 360

Hopefully this helps you get your start in the influencer world. Let me know in the comments what influencer networks your on and your favorite campaign you’ve worked on.

Influencer networks guide
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  1. This post is amazing! thanks for sharing xx I actually use Influenster all the time, will check out the rest!!

  2. Are any of these for Canadian bloggers? I know Influenster does Canada but that’s just for free stuff. I would like to get compensated as well. Thanks.

    1. I’ll dive a little deeper and find out – that’s a great question! I know for sure that 100% of the list is USA based, but there may be some additional countries included.

  3. What a helpful resource for your fellow bloggers! I see several on here that I’ve never heard of and will have to try them out. Thanks so much, Mila!

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