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9 Low Carb Bread Brands Reviewed: The Best and Worst

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Everyone always says they miss bread when they talk about giving up carbs.

The low carb way of eating is taking over.

Everywhere you look, low carb breads are popping up in grocery stores and bakeries.

People want as many options as possible to replace things they missed before.

But not all low carb breads are created equal – some taste much better than others, some have more carbs than others, and cost and storage space can be a huge factor in making your purchase.

I’ve done the research to find out which low carb bread brands are worth your time and money. Check out the pros and cons of my picks.

hand drawn loaves of low carb bread

What is low carb bread made of?

Low carb breads are low in carbs and usually high in fiber, which helps reduce blood sugar levels.

This is a good thing because low-carb diets have been shown to be effective for weight loss, diabetes management and heart disease prevention.

There’s no shortage of low carb or low-calorie bread options on the market today.

The best low-calorie or low-carb bread option for you will depend on what you want it for.

Some are made with ground nuts and seeds, some with psyllium husk, and wheat.

Let’s get into these different bread substitutes and what their pros and cons are.

Low carb bread options

Carbonaut Low Carb White Bread

Cost: $34.99

Carbonaut comes in in a white bread version and a seeded version.

It has a total of 9g of carbs per serving, and the serving is 1 slice.

The products are vegan-friendly, and you won’t find any animal-based ingredients like dairy or eggs in the ingredients.

The bread is also low in fat and calories per serving.

The bread freezes well, which is great considering you need to buy 3 loaves at once. Each loaf lasts about 1 week at room temperature, so it’s important to freeze your loaves immediately if you aren’t using them.

The bread does toast well, and in terms of texture, it is a bit chewier untoasted than regular white bread. That’s to be expected as the bread is higher in fiber.

Sola Sweet and Buttery Bread

Cost: $27.99

Sola Bread is one of the top-selling low carb bread brands, and for good reason. The cost is more reasonable than other brands, and the taste and texture are close to regular bread.

Sola has 7g of carbohydrates per serving and is low in fat. It is not a vegan option, as some of the labels contain milk.

This bread uses a mixture of arrowroot flour and defatted soy flour that allows a lower carb count in the bread.

This option can be frozen, and toasted. The slices are a bit smaller than regular slices of bread, but full of fiber.

This bread does have more artificial ingredients than most brands and is not a gluten-free, or soy-free option.

Hangry Woman’s 90-second bread

My 90-second bread recipe is awesome and can be done relatively quickly.

With just a few ingredients, you can make this bread a serving at a time, in the microwave. So you’ve got warm, fresh bread quickly!

It’s also made as small portions, so it’s easy to keep.

Eat Me Guilt Free Protein bread

Price: $25.47

This bread is 10 grams of carbs per 2 slices. Eat Me Guilt Free Protein Bread has protein and is low in carbohydrates. Each serving has 12g of protein.

The Bread will remain fresh for up to 6 months as long as the bread is not exposed to outside gases.

Once the packaging is opened the product will stay fresh for 5 days. You can freeze this bread just like other brands.

Refrigerating or freezing products extends the shelf life, but several reviewers mentioned that the bread arrived molded and inedible.

I personally, don’t appreciate foods labeled as “guilt-free.” I don’t believe there’s reason to feel guilty about the foods you eat, so the name of the label did turn me off a little bit.

Kiss My Keto Bread Zero Carb Variety Pack

Price: $39.99

While Kiss My Keto Bread doesn’t taste exactly like regular bread, it does offer variety. It does have great texture, and is touted as the only zero carb bread.

The loaves are now shipped in specialized packaging that keeps your bread fresh for longer, but it is recommended to freeze the bread until you’re ready to use it.

While the bread does toast, toasting doesn’t do much for the flavor, or make it better than the untoasted option.

It comes in the flavors Cinnamon Raisin, Golden Wheat, Dark Wheat, Seeded Wheat.

Shibolim FlaxSeed Bread

Price: $16.99

This Shibolim Bread is also low-calorie, and low fat. It contains nuts and seeds to make the bread. It has 6g of carbs per slice.

This is not gluten free, it contains wheat and soy products. I

This low carb bread’s ingredients come from 100% plant-based products, a good option for vegan customers who are looking to eat low carb as well.

Overall, this bread is bland in overall taste, and a little more moist than other options. It has spongy texture, rather than being pillowy like other breads.

The high fiber can also cause an upset stomach.

NuTrail™ Keto Bread Mix

Price: $11.99

If you’re willing to put in a little bit of elbow grease, Keto NuTrail bread mix is an option.

While the bread varies in bake time, it overall has good texture and some rise.

The bread does appear a little differently from the package when you bake it at home It seems to get darker on the top and edges.

You can always cover it with aluminum foil to continue the baking without the browning.

You can also bake and freeze what you don’t use, or bake a half batch for use later.

Keto Bread

Price $23.50

Keto Bread is low carb, but not gluten-free. It contains 12g of carbs per slice, but almost all of the carbs come from soluble and insoluble fiber.

Out of all of the breads, this one toasts the best and most evenly, and feels like real toast.

It overall still needs work taste-wise but does well texture-wise.

ThinSlim Foods Zero Net Carb Keto Bread

Price: $25.98 

ThinSlim bread has 7g of carbs per serving but is overall rated low on the list.

The bread is both bland and has an odd texture. While it’s shaped like bread, this was one option I liked the least. It’s dense and somewhat chewy.

I also find that this bread in particular retains some moisture, so it’s best to toast it a little to pull the moisture out before eating.

The bottom line on low carb bread

Eating low carb breads makes it easier to control your blood sugar levels.

It’s important to know what different low carb bread brands offer so, hopefully, this gives you some options and choices.

If low carb breads are important for you or someone in your family, there are many brands to choose from.

I hope this review has helped give you more options and information on low carb bread products available today.

If you have other low carb breads I should try, leave some extra options down in the comments section.

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