Alllllllll of the dress I didn’t buy.


I wanted to share this post because despite the incredible sense of dread I felt about dress shopping, now that I’ve given away all of my money for a dress I’ll wear twice (just kidding, but seriously, I wanted to faint on that swipe!) it was actually all very fun.

I initially hated the thought of wedding dress shopping because it forced me to think a lot about my body. From the shoulders I think are too wide, to the boobs I think are too big, and to my short stature, I wasn’t thrilled at trying on dresses that were really meant for women who are 5’7 and a size 2.

Then I had the appointment from hell, and it was my first one. It left me discouraged and a little hopeless because I wondered if every consultant was going to make me feel like I had to be perfect for the dress, not like the dress had to be perfect for me.

Then, I didn’t have the appointment from hell. I had a consultant who asked me about what I dreamed of, what I felt most comfortable in, what fabrics appealed to me, and the best part – she listened. She considered my personality, my style, and my wedding day, and on my second appointment, we found “THE DRESS.” I didn’t cry like most brides would, but everyone who was with me thought it was just beautiful. Every single one of us agreed. As soon as I put it on in the dressing room, I knew. Nothing else would compare.

Looking back on it, it was easy to trust my gut, and I’m glad I didn’t buy anything on the first try – it took me 3 three tries, and I picked the perfect dress. I’m actually sad that I had to take it off, and I really wish they would have let me wear it a little longer!

Of course I won’t post the gown I actually bought, but a few people wanted to get a feel of what I was looking for, and what I wanted. They also asked to see what I tried on and I thought it would be really fun to share. The dress I ended up picking is a strange merger between every dress I tried on, and all of these interesting details I wanted from lace, to glitter, to glamor, to color, to tradition. It’s so weird when I explain it. When you see the final in the pictures next year, you’ll totally understand what I mean.

This isn’t a slideshow of  every dress that I tried on – I didn’t document all of them, but there’s one in particular that I REALLY wanted, but I’m glad I slept on it. It wasn’t right.

I keep going to the designers website to look at the one I chose. I WANT IT NOWWWWW, but it won’t be until December. Bryan, can we go already??


Anywho, have fun making fun of some of these dresses. I know you’ll ask me “What were you thinking?”



Obviously I’m in love with this dress. You can tell from my cheesing grin. It didn’t make the cut though – Bryan’s mom brought up a great point that when they altered it, I would look even shorter. So nope!

There was a resounding no on this dress. I actually liked it in the dressing room, but the “bling bling” queens, my mom and Katie said it was too boring, so it was back to the drawing board!

Even though this gown made me look like JJ Watt in a dress, I loved it. I loved how girly, and blingy it was, but the top didn’t flatter me, and there’s no way that this huge dress would get on a plane. NEXT.

I can’t remember what I liked about this dress. Looking back, I probably should have even put it on lol.


This was actually one of my favorites from the very first time I tried on. I loved the details in the bodice, and I looked pretty and bridal-y with a veil. This was tried on during the appointment from hell, so I decided to leave…and never go back.


If I could give a bride one tip, tell the consultant “HELL NO” when she brings a dress through that you never said you wanted. This was also from my really bad appointment. I don’t know why I indulged the consultant – It wasn’t her appointment. #bridezilla


I thought I loved this on Pinterest, but In real life it was just kinda “meh.” And, like REALLY sheer.

This did some things for me that I really like, but totally not my style. It was again indulging the consultants pics instead of just saying no.

I did try on a few other dress that look way too close to the dress I picked, so I’m not posting them here. These are pretty far off, from what I picked, but like I said, “the one” has a little bit of everything from these dresses. I can’t wait to wear it when it fits me!



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