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Muniq vs Vega Protein: A head-to-head comparison

While I've been very happy with my Muniq shakes, I'm always looking for more data and info to better understand what works best for MY health! What better way to do that than compare my results with popular shakes against my results with Muniq.


As a note, since this post, Muniq has rebranded to Supergut. All links here should forward, but discount codes may no longer be applicable to your purchase.

If you’re interested in giving Muniq a try, use my code MILA10 at Muniqlife.com. This blog post is sponsored by Muniq, but all opinions are my own. 

Don’t want to read the blog post? Check out my YouTube recap of which shake won in this head-to-head comparison. 

Muniq VS VEGA Protein Glucose Results | Head to Head Comparison | The Hangry Woman

As most of you know I’ve been drinking Muniq since April of 2020. Although I was initially skeptical, the results really spoke for themselves. I tried out many different shakes before, but none of them gave me the same benefits as Muniq.

I wanted to directly compare Muniq to another shake, so that I could see the difference between the two and the benefits of each.

While I’ve been very happy with my Muniq shakes, I’m always looking for more data and info to better understand what works best for MY health! What better way to do that than compare my results with popular shakes against my results with Muniq. 

After all, the numbers always tell the truth. 

In this head-to-head comparison, I drank Muniq as a meal replacement for one day, and Vega Protein as a meal replacement the next day.

My approach was to make them the same way. I observed the serving sizes on each container, and I blended them both with 8 ounces of unsweetened oat milk, ice, and 4 ounces of water.

Before each shake, I took a fingerstick reading (as blood is the most accurate measure for blood sugars). Then, I took another fingerstick roughly two hours after drinking each shake. This is called a post-prandial reading and tells you how food has affected your blood sugars. Here’s how each shake affected my blood sugars. 

First glucose test: Muniq

As I mentioned, I’ve been drinking Muniq for a little over a year and a half. It’s a habit that I’ve incorporated into most days because it’s easy to drink. I typically blend it with ice oat milk, and water, and sip it for either breakfast or dinner. 

I use Muniq’s Vegan Chocolate Flavor as my tester. As far as the macro breakdown for one serving, Muniq has: 

170 Calories

15g of Prebiotic fiber

6g of fat

10mg of cholesterol

45mg of sodium

41g of total carbohydrates

15g of protein

7g net carbs

When I initially saw this breakdown, I was concerned about the carb count. The first thing I thought was “this is going to spike my blood sugar!” 

On the day of this experiment, my blood sugar was actually high for a fasting reading at 139 mg/dL. I usually aim for around 70-100 mg/dL before drinking Muniq. Starting out that much higher in the morning was unanticipated for me – but it happens! 

Pre-Prandial Blood Glucose before Muniq: 

Something that interested me about Muniq were the ingredients. It contains prebiotic-resistant starch, which is shown in studies to lower glucose after it’s ingested. 

I also appreciate the vitamins and minerals content. Plus, it’s made with natural ingredients, so I can feel good about what I’m drinking. Muniq is also very tasty. I find myself actually craving the Vegan Chocolate flavor most of the time.

I tested two hours later, and my blood glucose lowered by 36 points

No matter how long I’ve been drinking Muniq, seeing the drop is always stunning to me. Typically, any food I eat with carbs spikes me if I don’t take the appropriate amount of mealtime insulin. I didn’t take mealtime insulin after Muniq, because it has personally lowered my blood sugar every time. 

While this has been my experience, you should consult with your care team about any adjustments to your medication before making any major decisions. 

If you’re interested in giving Muniq a try, use my code MILA10 at Muniqlife.com.

Vega Protein turned out a little bit different for me. 

Second Glucose Test: Vega Protein

I like Vega Protein for workout days. I usually will drink one after I do a heavy strength training routine. I like it because it’s easy to prep, so I can just grab it and go after I workout. 

Vega’s macros are the following: 

120 Calories

2.5g fat

0mg cholesterol

270mg sodium

4g carbohydrates

20g protein

Since, Muniq was effective at lowering my glucose (per usual), I REALLY wanted to put it to the test when I compared it to Vega. That’s why I decided to work out in the morning the day I drank Vega.

If you’re aware of my patterns from Instagram stories, it’s very common for my blood sugar to spike after a workout and then significantly drop a few hours later. 

I figured combining Vega with my normal glucose drop from exercise would give Vega the best chance at reducing my levels compared to Muniq.

I did some cardio on my Peloton bike before I tested my blood sugar that morning.

Before I drank Vega, my blood sugar was sitting around 157 mg/dL, which was slightly higher than my Muniq starting point. 

Though I thought that with exercise, I would see a more significant in my blood glucose, the results were really interesting. 

While Vega did bring me down to 136 mg/dL, Muniq – even with a higher carb count,more calories, and without the benefit of exercise – reduced my blood sugar more! 

That was surprising to me. I thought that in combination with exercise, I would have seen more of a drop with Vega, but labels can be deceiving! Sometimes it’s about what’s actually inside that can surprise you. 

In the end, there were pros and cons for each of these for me. 

Overall, Muniq ended up being the better choice for my blood sugar and overall taste.  

I did appreciate that Vega had the advantage of more protein, but, it actually didn’t keep me as full as long as Muniq did. 

I also thought Vega’s lower-carb count would be an advantage, but as we saw, it didn’t drop my blood sugar more than Muniq did, which was the big point of this experiment. 

After going head-to-head, Muniq definitely wins for me on this round! 

I’m curious about which shake you’d like me to try next! Sound off in the comments below! 

If you’re interested in giving Muniq a try, use my code MILA10at Muniqlife.com

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