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Pay attention to your gut

I learned that gut health has a very direct tie to blood sugar management. Here's why it's important.

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To my readers: this blog was sponsored by Muniq, however, all opinions expressed in the blog post are my own. 

As a note, since this post, Muniq has rebranded to Supergut. All links here should forward, but discount codes may no longer be applicable to your purchase.

The first time I learned about prebiotic resistant starch, a powerful type of prebiotic fiber, my jaw dropped. 

Here was a proven way that I could manage my blood sugar naturally. I was shocked that I hadn’t heard much about it. It’s an interesting concept that you probably haven’t heard yet. But, let’s talk about it.

Muniq shake bag open

What is prebiotic resistant starch?

Resistant starch is a super-powered prebiotic fiber that nourishes your gut from the inside out. 

If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard a lot about probiotics, but not as much about prebiotics.

Prebiotics are a carb (not all carbs are bad!) that feed the beneficial bacteria (the good guys) in your gut, resulting in many health benefits.

 Probiotics aim to supply your gut with additional live bacteria.

This leads to improved blood sugar levels, reduced appetite, digestive benefits and improved insulin sensitivity (1). 

In short, resistant starch can be a powerful tool to help you manage your blood sugar naturally. 

Muniq vegan chocolate on kitchen counter

How I’m getting my resistant starch

Months ago, a company called Muniq approached me to tell me about their product – a prebiotic resistant starch shake that balances your blood sugar, strengthens your gut microbiome and keeps you full for hours. 

To be honest, as someone with type 2 diabetes, I hear this A LOT. So much so, that I often say “pass” when a company approaches me with a new product that claims to lower blood sugar without any data to back it up. 

But, I wanted to hear them out, and I was glad I put my skepticism aside and listened. 

Marc Washington, the founder of Muniq told me about his sister Monica. 

Monica was a beautiful soul, but unfortunately, her life was cut short due to complications from pregnancy. 

How Muniq helps with blood sugars and gut health | The Hangry Woman

Although Monica lived with a number of health challenges including diabetes, weight, and blood pressure, she never let her ‘conditions’ affect her bright light. 

Losing his sister gave Marc the inspiration to create nutrition solutions that she would have loved. 

Muniq was born from there.  

Marc’s dedication to his sister was one aspect of the company that piqued my interest. The other, is the focus on science-backed nutrition. 

Muniq powder in a

Using more than 300 clinical studies to prove results, the Muniq team created a balanced shake that improves gut health, promotes healthy blood sugar and satisfies hunger. 

So what’s the catch?

With all the skepticism in the world, I couldn’t find anything to be skeptical about. In my own experience I found a few things: 

  • Muniq is delicious. I can’t get enough of the Vegan Chocolate flavor. 
  • Muniq is filling – it curbs my appetite and carb cravings. 
  • With their introductory discount offer, it’s an incredible value at only $3.50 per meal — less than my daily iced coffee habit — and actually nourishes me.
  • Muniq ACTUALLY lowered my blood sugar. I drank some of the shake (mixed with almond milk) and tested my blood sugar a couple of hours later. Let the chart from my Freestyle Libre 14 day system speak for itself.
Freestyle Libre Sensor at 166 mg/dL

I really believe in the power of this product. I want to show you guys my progress with it, and how it helps me manage my blood sugar. 

As you can tell, Muniq has turned me from a skeptic into a believer! I think Muniq has potential to be the next big thing in overall health and blood sugar control.

I am so convinced that I decided to commit to drinking Muniq FOR A YEAR! 

I’m going to be honest, I’m keeping my lifestyle habits the same. I’m still exercising a few times a week coupled with my normal healthy eating habits (<100g of carbohydrates per day). Plus, a burger or pizza once in a while because I’m human! 

Now that I know what an impact gut health can have you on your blood sugar management, I’m all in. 

You can learn more about Muniq here and take the quiz to find out how it can work in your life. 

Until then, you can find me chatting about how I use it! 

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50 Responses

  1. Hello! I had necrotizing pancreatitis a year ago and lost 60% of my pancrease! It is functioning ok now but im worried about getting diabetes!will muniq help my pancrease not work so hard; thus possibly prevent diabetes? Can I buy a sample? Thanks!!

  2. I really like the ingredients except for the high oleic sunflower oil! Why wouldn’t they use a healthy oil like avocado, olive or coconut instead of sunflower oil?

  3. Do you have what I would call a sample package I would love to be able to taste your product Muniq begore i make a major purchase. I have been stung too many times!!!!!

  4. I have started this 3 weeks ago and thinking it would not make any difference in my A1C at my physical but got my test results back and it went down almost a full 1.0. I have only been doing the one scoop so far but I am ready for 2 scoops now. I am sold!

  5. this stuff is so amazing!! I have been struggling with PCOS which makes weight loss beyond difficult and sets me up for diabetes. I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and put on Metformin. When i say that I tried everything to lose weight it is no exaggeration!! Nothing worked for long, the weight moved slowly if at all then jumped back on. I was hungry all the time and killing myself at the gym. All the while my A1c kept climbing. I have been on Muniq for 12 days and I have lost 14 pounds and my average fasting blood sugar went from 245 to 104 within the first two days. And I’m only using a half serving a day, doing cardio 4 times a week for 20 minutes and strength training once a week!! I am so glad I found your site and the review of this product. life changing!!

    1. Hi, I would love to hear an update on how it’s been working for you. I just purchased (have not received it yet) but I am trying not to get my hopes up too high. I’m hoping for a lower a1c, some weight loss, as well as more energy. Your post scares me just a little though in terms of the fasting glucose drop. I am on an insulin pump so if it really drops fasting blood glucose levels THAT quickly I will need to make sure I adjust my basal settings.

  6. Now that it is May 2021 are you still drinking Muniq? Have you had any problems? What is your sugar level like? Does it spike or does it pretty much stay in the “good levels?

    1. Muniq is packaged at a facility that also processes wheat, so, unfortunately, all Muniq products are not guaranteed to be gluten-free because of the risk of cross-contamination.

  7. I have been drinking Muniq for the last 3 months and every time I take my blood sugar 2 hours after I drink it my sugar goes under 100. Nothing else I do gets my sugar that low. I’m telling you that this product works!

  8. I just started drinking the Vanilla Creme, regular. I have T2 and IBS. I see you are drinking the vegan- I wonder if that makes a difference in stomach upset? I am adding a tsp of chia seeds for a little insoluble fiber. Contrary to some reviews I found it tastes good and mixes well in my cheap bullet knockoff. My sugars went down from 116 to 102 within half an hour of my first dose, 1/2 dose as recommended. Are you all plant based eating? What made you decide to use the vegan formula? BTW mine came FedEx in three days. 🙂

    1. What other flavors do they have and how much does it cost how many cups you get from package and is it in pouch single or canister with scoop included

  9. This sounds like a money making joke. I asked my doctor about it, and he said he’s never heard of such a thing as prebiotic resistant starch and wondered if any double blind clinical studies have been done, and where is that literature? No literature, then this is just a bunch of made up hogwash and outright lies.

    1. Sadly, most medical doctors are not well educated on anything that doesn’t come from Big Pharma in a pill. Prebiotic resistant starch has been around for quite a while. I can understand scepticism, for sure, but the ingredients in this product are sound based on years of research that I’ve done on Gut Health, and diabetes management.

  10. Hi,

    I just wanted to know if they have samples that I could try first? (I’d definitely buy some) but rather than buying/investing in a whole bunch would like some samples!

    Thank you,


    Melissa S. Minneapolis, MN

  11. Hi I just began drinking my supply of Muniq and in just 2 days, it was a drastic reduction in my blood sugar readings. Today, 3/19/21, it’s held study at 130 – 135 and it’ll take it again before bed. These are GREAT numbers for me as I’m usually in the 180 – 190 range. I’ve also had to adjust my daily insulin. I’ll come back later and provide additional information as I continue to use this product!

    And I’d like to mention that I got my product in several days!

    1. Awesome Anne! I’m so glad you shared. As I mentioned, I saw similar results and was pretty stunned. And this is coming from someone who was very skeptical at the beginning, but they won me over. It’s a part of my daily life now!

  12. I ordered this product and decided that I would make it a part of my diet, so I placed a subscription order on 02/01/2021 thinking that the order would be fulfilled immediately. Boy was I wrong. The order won’t be filled until 03/15/2021. This is terrible service! I will have to look around and find a product whose availability is more dependable.

    1. I agree- it’s verging on dishonesty on their part. I’m pretty sure my order was lost or stolen- it’s been so long. Stress raises blood sugar too- so far this company has NOT helped my health!

  13. I have tried many methods for sugar control. I was diagnose with gestational about 35 years ago and developed Type 2 after about two years. I believe I am a solid Type 2 and have tried many alternative eating plans to control and heal unsuccessfully. However, sugars that use to be a high of 180 now quickly can go to 327 with the same food consumption. The shake seemed to work but to early to know. Let you know more later.

    1. Hi Lorrie! Anyone can drink Muniq. It specifically has benefits for gut health that anyone can benefit from. It also happens to be a great option for people with diabetes as well!

    1. Hi Mary, I am not a physician and cannot give that advice. Talk to a doctor or nutritionist about your use.

    1. I take the net carb approach (this doesn’t work for everyone but I do find that it works for me). There’s about 7g of net carbohydrates because of the grams of fiber. So, I don’t take short-acting insulin to counteract.

  14. The problem I have is that they sponsored this blog, so it is biased and I can’t take this opinion at face value, off to find non sponsored opinions

    1. Hi there,

      I only work with products I have personally tried. I always share my true opinion.

      I have been drinking Muniq since April of this year. I drink it every single morning. Since I have tried it for the last 6 months and incorporated it into my routine, I have personally seen great results with my blood sugar (like the ones I’ve shown in this post).

      It is of course your choice to take that at face value, but I would never speak positively about a product I didn’t truly love. I hope you give it a try. It is a great product.

    1. Hi JJ! I love Muniq and my husband and I are drinking it every day. It tastes great, it’s an easy breakfast and it has helped me lower my blood sugar overall and lose weight.

    1. It was a very short time period. I saw a difference within a couple of days of drinking it. That’s why I was so shocked by my own results. I actually enjoy drinking it and I haven’t felt that from a shake ever.

    1. Hi Linda,

      I personally did not, but it is recommended to start with half of the serving size for your first couple of times to see how you do. I did not have adverse effects.

    1. I am! My husband and I both drink it every morning. What I notice most is that it lowers my blood sugar, rather than just keeping it steady like some of the other shakes do. I’m in the middle of trying a bunch of different shakes to see how they compare. I hope you’ll stick around for that review!

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