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Homemade Old Bay seasoning

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Homemade Old Bay seasoning

Any easy homemade blend of the store bought version!

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Today I ran into a dilemma.

Somehow my local grocery store was out of Old Bay seasoning.

I’ll spare you the story (because I’m sure you want to make the seasoning yourself and that’s why you came here.

How to make Old Bay seasoning at home

It’s quite easy. You need lots of spices a mini food processor (or a blender with a dry blender cup) and that’s about it.

With these few things you can make a pretty good Old Bay seasoning substitute.

Ingredients in homemade Old Bay seasoning

Old Bay boasts that it has 18 spices in it. While I was never going to figure it out, I did get pretty darn close with 11.

Celery Salt, Spices (Including Red Pepper and Black Pepper), and Paprika.

I didn’t quite get 18 spices, but my blend uses the following spices:

Is Old Bay seasoning gluten-free?

Old Bay seasoning (and this homemade version) are both thankfully gluten free!

What can you use it on?

Old Bay has so many uses. The most obvious is seafood. You can also use it on burgers, in bloody mary’s, grilled fruit, and more.

It has tons of uses, and once you’re able to make your own, the possibilities are endless.

Get the full recipe below. It’s easy enough to make your own spice mixes at home (and you know what’s in them)!

Make sure you pin the recipe in case you’re ever in a pinch!

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Close up photo of old bay seasoning

Homemade Old Bay seasoning

  • Author: Mila Clarke Buckley
  • Prep Time: 2 minutes
  • Total Time: 2 minutes
  • Yield: 1/4 cup 1x
  • Diet: Diabetic


An easy version of homemade Old Bay seasoning!




  1. Combine all spices into a mini food processor
  2. Grind ingredients (Dry) until they have all come together to form a toasty red color. 
  3. Transfer to an airtight glass container
  4. Keep spices blend for up to one month. 
  • Category: Spices
  • Method: Food Processor
  • Cuisine: Cajun

Keywords: Cajun Seasoning, Old Bay Seasoning, Homemade Old Bay

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14 Responses

  1. Mila, you have changed the game! I had all the ingredients to make this in my pantry and now I have Old Bay. Thank you!

  2. This Old Bay remake took me back to my days attending the Baltimore International Culinary College! I miss the food, but not the stress and your old bay spice conjured up those GOOD memories!

  3. Being from Maryland, I am a HUGE fan of old bay! I’ve never made it from scratch and I am so happy that now I can! Thanks for the recipe!

  4. I never even realized I could make Old Bay seasoning myself! This recipe is genius and tastes like the real thing!

  5. I always prefer to make my own spice blends because I find the store bought ones are usually loaded with so much more unnecessary salt. This is one I have been looking for for a long time. I was so happy I found it and definitely added all the flavor I needed for my seafood boil.

  6. I came across this recipe because I was in the middle of cooking and realized I had no more Old Bay Seasoning! You’re recipe came to my rescue! It taste just like the store brand. I won’t be buying anymore from the store!!

  7. I was in the middle my vegan crab cake recipe before I realized I was out of old bay. Your recipe saved the day and now I can make my own.

  8. I love the idea of making your own seasoning blending! I’ve always wondered what makes up Old Bay and this is so helpful. I have all of the ingredients in my pantry and can use this on so many dishes.

  9. I had no clue how easy it is to make Old Bay seasoning! It was soooo good and I used it for vegan tofu “crab” cakes recipe for date night. I think my fiance was impressed. 😉 Thank you for the recipe. Will definitely make it again.

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