A Houston to Austin Day Trip

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A Houston to Austin Day Trip

Day trips can be a fun and relaxing way to spend a weekend. Here's how a girls trip from Houston to Austin make for a fun weekend.

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Kampgrounds of America paid for my Deluxe Cabin stay and compensated me for this review. All opinions about the experience are my own. 

If you want to try out a special KOA experience near you, click here!

I like to get out of the city sometimes, and being in Houston, it’s actually easy to leave and find a fresh perspective nearby. 

A road trip from Houston to Austin is always one way to do that.

There are a lot of fun things to do on the two-hour drive, so per usual, my bestie Katie and I hit the road in search of the best day trip!

It’s amazing what you can end up doing on one day on a trip!

Here’s how we spent our girls’ day trip!

Katy, TX

Katie and I left from Katy to get to Austin. We know we could take 290, but we are suckers for the big Buc-ees in Luling. 

Luling is about an hour and a half from Katy, and it’s a great stop. In Katy, we stopped at Starbucks to fuel Katie’s iced coffee addiction, and we headed over to Lulling. 

Lulling, TX

We stopped in Lulling for gas, and of course, Buc-ees snacks.

We also knew we would be staying overnight in a Kampgrounds of America Deluxe Cabin, so we picked up some water and perishables that we could keep in the fridge.

It’s always important for me to have a wide range of snacks because having type 2 diabetes is still unpredictable to me.

I need snacks around that can combat my highs, and treat lows quickly.

Lockhart, TX

We took a little detour through Lockhart, TX on the way to Austin.

It’s a cute town and has some of the most famous bbq in Texas.

We were trying to get to Austin fast, so, unfortunately, we didn’t stop, but now that we know, I’m sure there’s another day-trip coming along!

Austin, TX

After all of the excitement of the drive up, the first thing we did was check into our KOA.

East Austin KOA Holiday at Blue Bluff Rd

The staff at the Austin East KOA Holiday was really kind and told us everything we needed to know throughout our stay. 

They gave us some insight into the on-site amenities, like the pool, laundry area, the on-site store, and showers and helped us navigate the property to get us to our Deluxe Cabin.  

East Austin KOA Amenities

To be very honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I’m not a campy person, or even a glampy one, but I love new experiences, and I was so excited to try something other than a hotel. 

The Hangry Woman at the East Austin KOA Holiday

Our little KOA was actually perfection! It was so much more than I expected. 

Our Deluxe Cabin was air-conditioned, came with a kitchenette (with a fridge, dishes, coffee maker and sink), a full bathroom with a shower, and a living and breakfast area.

The cabin could sleep six people. So, the two of us had plenty of room.

In addition to those amenities, the open areas were really comfy and cozy.

The main bedroom and living area had a TV with cable, so it’s easy to stay occupied on nights in.

Katie and I actually have a monthly meeting about my blog and her business (she just dived into entrepreneurship this year).

We used the main area of our KOA to spread out with our planners and laptops to bounce ideas off of each other. 

I loved that we had a little retreat space to spread out and strategize.

After a day-long trip, you’re also looking forward to just resting. The bedrooms in our KOA were also really lovely. 

There are clean linens and fluffy pillows in every single space.

The beds are also pretty comfortable and surprisingly big! I loved having a place to put my luggage and hang clothes as well.

It helped to keep everything organized, even on a one-day trip. 

We really loved our stay at the KOA and I wished it was much longer! I highly recommend it as an option, especially if you’re traveling with big groups.

It’s a great place to stay, and they’re located in cities across America. 

Exploring Austin

After getting settled into our KOA, we went out to explore Austin and we did quite a lot in one day. 

We, of course, needed to eat and heard about the delicious tacos at Rosita’s Al Pastor. We headed over, and hung out in the Texas heat for some delicious tacos out of a food truck. 

I had tacos al pastor with onions, cilantro, and avocado. I wish I would have taken more to go (I would have been able to refrigerate them and heat them in my KOA!)

After grabbing lunch, both of us needed new headshots for our websites, so we went mural hunting in downtown Austin.

We found some amazing walls in the city. 

We also headed to north Austin and hung out at The Domain for a few hours after our photoshoot.

Katie has an obsession with Erin Condren planners, so we had to head to THE Erin Condren store — the only one in Texas.

The store was so cute!

Katie got a custom planner made on the spot, and I got a custom rose gold notebook made with “The Hangry Woman” on it.

It made me so happy to see it on something. It’s my new blog ideas notebook! I needed a dedicated one.

After dinner, and photos, we settled back into our KOA and alked about our plans and goals.

Then, we headed to bed to get ready to leave the next morning! 

On Sunday, we went to Eberly for breakfast and had an amazing stack of lemon pancakes.

They deserve an award for them. 

Then, we headed back to Houston to round out our trip. 

I always love a day trip up to Austin for a change of pace, and it’s even nicer to have a cozy place to stay that is spacious, safe, and doesn’t break the bank. 

I can’t wait for my next trip out of town, and I’ll be checking out a KOA for my next stay. 

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  1. This was SUCH a fun trip! Can we take a whole road trip for all of our monthly meetings??? Where we goin for September??!!! Hahahaha

  2. I love the pictures in front of the murals of my beautiful daughter-in-love. Proud of you Mila! Glad you had a good time.

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