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I thought home for us would be a few things – comfort, togetherness, and a place to settle. It hasn’t been that yet. When we moved, we knew that there would be good, and bad that came with it, but we never imagined the first three months of living in our apartment being the way it is. From days with a broken air conditioner, to discovering mold in one of our closets, and on a bunch of my clothes, to a few other things that should work in a place that only a year old, it has been a roller coaster of trying to get things fixed and working, while also being ignored and dismissed.

There is so much that I’m thankful for. Honestly, because it could be worse. The thing I want the most though, is to come home without an issue, or something to have to fix. We can’t leave for nine months, but I can’t imagine the next nine months being this way.


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