Ways to jazz up your popcorn

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Ways to jazz up your popcorn

Easy ways to change the flavor of your next bag of popcorn without a lot of extra calories.

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Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks. It’s super versatile, and of course easy to make.

Depending on the bag you pop, popcorn can be a low calorie and satisfying snack. It’s also a great one to bring with you on the road if you need something to grab and go.

There’s more that you can do with popcorn aside from the salt and butter combination.

Here are a few ways you can make your popcorn more exciting with some simple seasonings and other foods.

Chocolate chips

bars of of white, milk and dark chocolate

Chocolate chips are a great addition. You get that sweet and salty combination and you have lots of choices. You can use chopped up milk or dark chocolate. You can also melt some sugar free chocolate, if you’re looking to manage your blood sugar but also add a little sweetness.

Pumpkin pie spice

Of course this works best for fall, but pumpkin pie spice is a great addition to popcorn because it gives you the flavors of fall, without extra added calories to your popcorn. 

Pumpkin pie spice doesn’t actually contain pumpkin. It’s made of cinnamon, cloves, allspice, nutmeg and ginger.

You can still add butter to this one, and have a buttery, pumpkin pie-like bag of popcorn.

Hot sauce

This is by far my favorite addition to popcorn.

I add a few dashes of hot sauce into my bag, shake it up and then enjoy. I love the spiciness from this addition, and it’s a little addicting.

Salt and vinegar

Salt and vinegar is another combination I really appreciate. I love sour flavors and I think it always makes anything savory taste a little bit better. 

Be conscious of the amount of salt you add to your bag of popcorn so you don’t overdo it.  For this combination, a little bit goes a long way.

Powdered cheddar

You can get powdered cheddar pretty much in any grocery store. There are many uses for it outside of using it on popcorn or chips, but it’s one of my favorites seasonings.

Hopefully next time you grab a bag of popcorn you have some ideas on how to change it up.

 Be sure to pin this blog for later in case you want some inspiration for your next bag of popcorn.

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