13 simple spice blends you can make at home

Making spices at home is easy and rewarding. Here are 13 recipes and some tips to help you along.
Making spices at home is easy and rewarding. Here are 13 recipes and some tips to help you along.
Making spices at home is easy and rewarding. Here are 13 recipes and some tips to help you along.
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13 simple spice blends you can make at home

Making spices at home is easy and rewarding. Here are 13 recipes and some tips to help you along.

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Being at home more means cooking more often. Of course, I’m cooking something nearly every day by nature.

I have loved making my own spice blends at home with the extra time I have.

The first time happened out of necessity. I needed some spices and the store didn’t have my go-to packaged version.

So, I looked up the ingredients and tried it on my own. The result teriffic!

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t made my own before.

Making your own blends is easy!

Make sure to scroll down to the bottom for some spicy inspiration from some of my favorite bloggers.

What is a spice blend?

homemade chili powder blend on a tablespoon and in a glass jar.
Michelle’s homemade chili powder | healthiersteps.com

Spice blends – or spice mixes – are a combination of multiple herbs and spices blended together to make a specific flavor profile.

Some common spice blends you’ve probably heard of are pumpkin spice, lemon pepper, garam masala, chili garlic, and others.

You can usually purchase spice blends at the store in small bottles or packets.

Why would you make your own spice blends?

Making your own spice blends has a few benefits.

First, it’s economical.

Making your own blends at home can be made at a lower cost than store bought options.

You can buy spices in the bulk section and get what you need, rather than a pre-determined amount.

Creating your own blends also allows you to control how much of an ingredient you want in your flavor profile.

Let’s say you’re making pumpkin spice, but nutmeg is a little strong for you.

You can dial it back to an amount that suits your taste buds. That makes it perfect and unique to you.

It’s also environmentally friendly. You can store your spices in reusable jars, and you don’t have to worry about single use plastics.

What tools do you need to make spice blends?

All you need is a good spice grinder, small food processor, or high powered blender.

How to make your own spice blend

Take two or more spices and consider what pairs well together, or what you’re trying to achieve with your dish.

Blend them together with your grinder if you’re using whole spices.

Some good combinations are sweet and salty, spicy and sweet, savory and smokey.

Truly, the combinations are endless, and you can make hundreds of different spice blends for what you’re cooking.

If you’re using already dried spices, you can blend them together in your grinder, but that’s overkill.

You could put them in an air-tight jar and shake them up. until thoroughly mixed. Or, mix them together in a bowl. before sprinkling them on food.

How to store homemade spice blends

Spices should always be stored in a cool, dry place. Make sure to use an airtight glass container.

How long will spice blends last?

Your spice blends will last up to a year. I recommend giving them a sniff test to make sure they still have a strong smell and have not lost their potency.

Now, here are some spice blends that are easy to make at home, and can enhance your dishes. Make sure to share this pin via Pinterest, and bookmark it for later in case you can use it later on!

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