When you’re waiting to get married, time moves so SLOWLY.


I’ve come back to blogging every so often. My mind is less crowded with things lately, and for MONTHS I’ve tried to write things that are meaningful to me, but I just couldn’t get the words out.

One of my latest thoughts has been about how September 2016 seems SO FAR AWAY, and it is. 

Bryan and I got engaged earlier this year, but we wanted to wait until he graduated, and I had some down time from work to get hitched in Paris. At the time, it seemed really smart to have a wedding in 2016 (it still is smart, but I’m just restless). We save a ton of money over the next year and a half, I get to take my time getting down to my goal weight (and I’m like 20 pounds away, and so happy about it!)  we go to Paris, we see the lights, we get married and have a party when we come back. 

This is all good, and well thought out, and responsible and awesome, but it’s also 473 days away, and I’m just like:



I want to GOOOOOOOO already. 

But, we have eternity to be married, so I’m going to enjoy it, and stop rushing things. My co-workers encouraged me to not get discouraged by my previous dress shopping experience, so I’m going again in a couple of weeks with my mom and Katie. I will have more to share, and maybe a dress :). 

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