2-2-2: an exercise in dating my fiancé.


Dating my fiancé? Yeah, you read it right! Being in a relationship isn’t as easy is seems. It takes a lot of work, every single day, to give love and to receive love. I work harder at my relationship with Bryan than I do anything else. It’s one of the most important things I’ve got in life. 

It’s even more work when you two work exact opposite schedules, and you spend more time a part, than you do together. 

Bryan and I lead opposite lives. He’s working and at school when I’m at home with the dog, and I’m at work, or at the gym when he’s home, or working on homework. That time overlaps at 10:00 each night, when we’re both home, able to eat dinner together (yep, at 10 p.m.), and talk about our days. We cuddle and watch a show that we have in common, and by, then it’s midnight, and I have to go to bed to get up the next day. Sometimes it feels like a nightmare, and I miss him even though we text throughout the day, and some days I just deal with it by cooking, reading, hanging out with other friends, or sleeping. 


The other day we talked about what we could do be sure we take advantage of the time we have together. I suggested having adventures in 2’s: going out on a date at minimum every two weeks, going out of town (or staycationing) every two months, and planning a HUGE trip for ourselves every two years (next year’s is checked off the list already). As a bonus, every month, we hang out with some of our couple friends who are a really fun group. 


Yesterday, we had our second “2” date (I didn’t take many pics of the first one) – Bryan took me out to breakfast at Canopy, which is one of our faves. It was our first brunch date after we started dating, and it’s just super delish. We had so much fun, and just hung out at home for the rest of the day. Sometimes that’s all you need. Just some time together, no pressure, without phones, and with each other. We have a few dozen planned, some full of adventure, and some low-key, and I can’t wait for them! This has been fun because it resulted in something we hadn’t expected – spontaneity, and a lot of fun. 


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The menu. So yummy.




I never brunch without a mimosa




The really cool art inside of Canopy.




My croissant




I made B pose awkwardly in the neighborhood. He did well.



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