7 Week Challenge: Week 1, Day 2!


Day two was somewhat easier, but I cut my workout short tonight because right after I post this, I’m meeting a friend across town. It’s kind of urgent, so I decided that tomorrow I’ll make a better effort. Also, I got out of work pretty late today, and that has really impacted my time today.

Did I work out?: Yes. In the morning I woke myself up with some yoga, and this evening I did the Tone It up Bikini Series. I did two rounds, and burned 131 calories.
How did I eat?: Pretty okay. I had some KIND granola with 2% milk, pinapple, and pork tacos with cilantro, spicy green sauce, and onions, and for dinner, I grabbed a Chipotle burrito bowl on the way home. Lettuce, fajita veggies, black beans, part chicken, steak, and barbacoa, tomato salsa, and a teensy bit of guac. I omitted sour cream and cheese. It was honestly, really hard because I LOVE cheese. They just pile too much on.
What are my stats?: I weighed in this morning at 221.4. So I’m down slightly from yesterday.
How do I feel: I feel better. I’m a little bit overwhelmed with all of the people I’m meeting, and things I’m learning at work, but I think that happens to anyone in their first few weeks. I’m just trying not to let it stress me out.

How are you fairing in your workouts this week?

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