The Bacon + Banana Cookie


I really like cookbooks, and food magazines. Aside from blogs, it’s how I learn new techniques, food seasons, and ways of experimenting with food that I would have never thought of.

Lately I’ve been reading about whole hog, and offal cooking. On one hand, it totally gives me the creeps, and I’ll have to work my way up to it, but on the other hand, I see brilliant chefs like Chris Cosentino do it beautifully, and I kick myself for being too scared to try.

I’ve only looked into whole hog cooking because I friggen love PORK. The story about what I did wasn’t offal at all, but I did try to make something weird, something I found in a cookbook that I picked up because I was interested in learning to cook with all parts of a pig.

Before I take you down memory lane, it’s best if you stare at the photo of bacon cooking. It’s really good for the soul.



Back to reality! So, I was flipping through The Whole Hog Cookbook which is really good, and really adorable! I had some bananas that were on their last leg, and I tried to figure out what to do with them. I didn’t want to do the normal banana bread thing, and I didn’t want to just throw them out either (that always feels like losing). I flipped through, and saw what I thought was the weirdest recipe – Bacon and Banana cookies. My gears started turning, and I was excited.

I made the cookies, and they came out beautifully, but Bryan and I couldn’t decide if we loved them or not. He seemed to eat a few more than me, but my biggest wish was that they were less bread-like, and more of a chewy cookie texture to offset the crunchy bacon. I’m a fan of chewy cookies that are one minute or so from being undone. The recipe called for both baking powder and baking soda, and I think I could have gotten a cookie that was a little less bread-like by using baking powder alone.

They did cause a liiiiiiiitle bit of a mess in the kitchen…

Pretty good looking! The recipe is noted below. This makes me wonder what other things I might be able to put bacon in. It also makes me thinking about coming up with a staple white cookies, and chocolate cookie recipe, like I did for my go to cake recipe.


[yumprint-recipe id=’8′] 


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