If you have 20 minutes, you have dinner.


I’ve been pretty motivated since last friday. I came to a screeching halt kind of breaking point (that I’m actually not ready to share, which is strange, because I really like the honesty, and openness of  blog sharing) and I decided get back into gear, get back to being organized, and get back into shape.

All of that includes cooking. my days feel really long. I get to work around 8, and I get home around 7:00, that’s really been the cycle since May. Ever since then, I couldn’t catch up. If you look at the time period on my blog from may until now, you’ll see a notable gap in recipes. 100% of that was being too busy to even think about cooking.

Bryan and I would probably eat out  4-5 times a week, in addition to grocery shopping (which is an incredible waste). We both thought that was insane, so we’re taking on a challenge: I’m going to try to make dinner EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, and in the process, I’m teaching Bryan to cook (something other than breakfast), so that on nights where I come home and I crash, our first instinct isn’t to order take-out, or drive somewhere to get food.

On Sunday night, I cooked a beautiful 5 pound chicken (which will inspire a tutorial on how to cook a whole chicken, and why buying them is AWESOME). It gave us two nights of dinners, and some left over chicken that we could shred for snacking. Tonight, I made one of the easiest one-pot meals EVER.

One of my favorite spice-food combinations is turkey and ginger. It sounds completely absurd, but it’s totally delicious.

Tonight i threw some turkey, ginger, garlic, red pepper flakes, spinach and diced tomatoes into a pan, and I got…well, this:

Turkey Chili - One pot recipeIt’s not a true chili by definition of the word, but if you have 20 minutes to spare, and you want something pretty healthy and super delicious, look no further. Plus, it might inspire your thanksgiving leftovers in some way or another.



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