Healthy recipes to help you kick off 2021

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Healthy recipes to help you kick off 2021

Getting healthy in 2021 is a noble undertaking. Sometimes losing weight, or eating better requires some planning. Here are 18 healthy recipe ideas to help you plan your healthy food menu for the new year!

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We all do it.

We vow to ourselves that we’ll commit to being healthier at the end of every year.

It’s a hard commitment.

What I’ve learned about prioritizing my health is that it’s all about planning and prep.

When I prep foods to eat throughout the week, I actually eat them!

Healthy holiday meals collage. Caprese salad, goat cheese salad, soup, shakshuka and butter chicken

When I schedule my workouts into my days and put them on my calendar, I actually do them.

When I plan anything, I generally keep up with it better than if I hadn’t planned at all.

Why not set yourself up and save these healthy recipes to kick off your 2021.

They range from salads, to proteins to desserts, and can be cooked in a number of ways like a pressure cooker, or air fryer.

Enjoy these recipes, and be sure to pin them for later!

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