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18 delicious, low-carb air fryer recipes

Air Fryers are an excellent way to crisp foods with less fat and fast cooking times. Here are 18 recipes you can make in your air fryer.


I’m always on the hunt for easy, low carb recipe ideas. So I put together 18 yummy, low carb air fryer recipes for y’all!

There’s no doubt that we all like to change it up in the kitchen, and this list is easy to pin, and pull up when you need some dinner inspiration.

These recipes range from appetizers to breakfast, lunches, dinners and more. All of them can be made in your air fryer, and they’re all at least low carb friendly.

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18 air fryer recipes for keto or low carb diets.

Low Carb Air Fryer Recipes

Enjoy these low carb air fryer recipes and be sure to save this to pin fo later!

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8 Responses

  1. A breakfast recipe that works great in an air fryer and is as simple as can be:

    Egg-Stuffed Bell Peppers


    *Large bell peppers, cut in half–stem and all–and cleaned of seeds. You need the stem intact as much as possible for this to work right.
    *1 egg per half pepper.
    *Salt and pepper to taste
    *1 tsp of diced onion per half pepper
    *1 tsp of crumbled bacon per half pepper
    *Some shredded cheese.

    You can scramble up an egg with salt and pepper and put it in the bell pepper half, or you can simply crack the egg in as is, and then top with a bit of salt and pepper. Either way, top the egg with bacon, onion and cheese.

    Cook in air fryer at 350º for 7-15 minutes, depending on how firm you want your egg. Or how your air fryer runs. Mine cooks about 10º higher than the readout, so we cook the pepper(s) at 340º.

    The recipe can have numerous variations to it, depending on your preferences. When I can’t handle a heavy breakfast, I leave off the bacon or cheese. Sometimes I sprinkle on some cumin powder and add pico de gallo after cooking for a Mexican flair. One time when I had some monster-sized peppers, I put some refried beans at the bottom then the egg, cumin and etc. Turned out great!

    I’m sure people more clever than I am can come up with other variations.

    I had these mostly for breakfast, but once, when I wasn’t in the mood to cook but had leftover peppers, I had it alongside a tossed salad for lunch.

    Note: When I used to make this for breakfast all the time, my egg tolerance was quite high. Now… I can’t have eggs often or at all, so I use Just Egg now. It takes a little longer to cook than real eggs, but it will firm up just fine with a bit of patiences. I can’t eat dairy at all anymore, so I use vegan cheese on top (Thank you VIOLIFE!). I don’t miss the real eggs and cheese at all.

  2. I keep going back and forth on the air fryer because I don’t have a lot of extra room in my kitchen for another gadget, but this post has me leaning towards getting one again! It seems like you can make almost anything in there.

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