The Podcast: Lemon Sriracha Chicken for you lazy bones who don’t want to read 🙂

So, I made this dinner tonight, and it was unbelievable. It’s funny that sometimes your most perfect meals come from forgetting to go grocery shopping and not having much around. I made Lemon Sriracha Chicken tonight with a raw honey drizzle, and I’m seriously dying about how good it was.

I won’t bore you with a long story about how I thought of this brilliant idea, but I will say that after I put it in a bowl, I was like “This is beautiful. It needs a picture.” I almost ate my camera.

It looked that good.

So I give to you, one of the best, most filling, EASIEST dinners I’ve ever made, and proof that a cast iron skillet is the friend of any bad cook ;)!

Lemon Sriracha Chicken | Tales From The Kitch



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