A collection of the best healthy food hashtags for Instagram

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The best healthy food hashtags for instagram.
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As we know, H\hashtags are great for engagement, and Instagram gives you 30 to work with on every post. I shared an article with a collection of the best instagram food hashtags, and now I’m sharing a smaller segment – the best healthy food hashtags for Instagram.

Let’s check on the data for the best healthy food hashtags for Instagram

Last time I wrote about this, I gave you a successful post to show that using the right combination of tags can result in a big return.



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Let’s take this post for example. If we look at the data almost 6,000 of my impressions came from using the right combination of hashtags. That means that hashtags accounted for more than half of my impressions. 63% of the accounts reached weren’t following me, which means the post wasn’t pushed to my own audience, but rather seen mostly by people who were looking in hashtags. Check out the data on this one.

As I mentioned before, using proper hashtags does work, and it gives you a little bit of an advantage in terms of impressions. It helps your posts get seen more by people who aren’t necessarily looking for them and gives you the potential to reach a wider audience. You can see that case above in the distribution of discovery numbers. 

Remember that you can actually follow hashtags on Instagram. People following a hashtag, but not you, may start to see your content in their feed if you’re using the right ones.

Tips for which tags to choose

Choose your tags carefully. Posting a fashion post on a food hashtag isn’t going to garner you the results you want. Your tags need to be targeted, and they need to be relevant to the tag feeds people are following. Instagram is smart, and it’s not going to promote irrelevant content. Using the best healthy food hashtags for Instagram means really finding the meaning behind your post, and creating a specific target. 

You should also consider posting on low competition tags – meaning, if you post on a tag that has 500 million photos, you’re likely not going to get seen. Use a combination of highly posted tags, and ones that are less used to maximize your visibility.

The best Instagram healthy food hashtags

Before you keep going check out the original post above, and which tags I used. 

Here are some tags that you ca use in your posts if they apply. remember to mix things up, and use all 30 hashtags when you have them 


So what do you think? are these the best healthy food hashtags for Instagram? Which other hashtags do you use to help your posts get noticed?


Ever wonder what hashtags to use for instagram posts? These are the best healthy food hashtags for Instagram.


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