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Why a social media break was best for me.

I had to take a long break. A lot was happening behind the scenes.

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You may have noticed that I’ve been MIA on social for about 3 months.

I’ve had a little interaction here and there, but for the most part, my life has been a series of crazy events. I’m excited to reveal some parts of it, and to tell you why I took a much needed social sabbatical.

In January, I decided that this was going to be my best blog year yet, but I have no ambitions right now to take blogging full-time. For me, it’s truly a creative outlet without parameters, but I wanted my blog to be an amazing destination for people who were looking for help and basic information with their type 2 diabetes.

Ever since I started this thing, my goal was to make Hangry Woman an example that people with type 2 diabetes aren’t lazy people who put this on themselves, but we’re hardworking and constantly trying to do what’s right for our bodies.

I wanted to take some time to think about how to do that better than I had before, but in the process of that, I realized I was burned out and I needed some time to just lay low, and think. Behind the scenes there was so much going on beyond all of that. Life itself was burning me out (and stressing me out to no end), social media was the one thing I could drop and not feel terrible about. I missed all of you dearly, but I honestly didn’t miss trying to post and engage every day.

But what made me quit social media?

My Job

I had been at my company for six years, and while it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career, I felt like it was time for me to do something new, and to work in the area of focus I’m most passionate about.

My job was great, but it also became very difficult for me to balance. I wasn’t performing at my normal caliber of work, but I also realized that I wasn’t going to have the focus and growth I personally wanted. Good conversations with a few of my mentors made me realize that I still have so much time, and it’s okay to move along and challenge yourself in new ways.

It was hard for me, but I decided at some point that I was going to leave my job. I didn’t know where I was going to go, or what I was going to do, but I told myself that I would only move for the right opportunity.

That opportunity came, and I took it. I’m thrilled about it. I’m just a couple of weeks in but I really love what I’m learning and the work I’m getting to do. Mostly, I love that I’m actually learning. Even though I won’t get to work with people who have become like my family anymore, I’m excited to move into a role where I can learn more and do more in an area of communications that I’m really passionate about.

That feels good.

Our House

This has been a crazy emotional roller coaster. From picking all of our finishes, to not knowing if we were going to get the loan because I decided to leave my job in the middle of the build process, to finding the wrong cabinets in our house, to seeing it be built from the ground up.

Building a house is a emotional, guys. I have a blog about this process coming, but everything worked out and we have the keys to our first house in hand. It has been a whirlwind, but it’s worth it.

For someone who has to control every aspect of everything, I have learned that deep down I actually have some patience (even though my nature is to be obsessive with everything).

I’ll have a reveal of the house room by room of the blog as we style our rooms and get things set up. I can’t wait to talk more about this process. We worked hard for this little house. I can’t believe it’s ours.

My Health

To be honest, with all of the things going on, I’ve been…tired and neglectful. I haven’t had the energy to sustain myself each day. I think something deeper is happening with me, and I’m fighting for answers about my diabetes diagnosis and tools that I think I need to make sure my diabetes stays in check.

At my last doctor’s visit I was back up to an 10% a1c. I worked so hard to come down from 12% almost 3 years ago that I was so bummed about where to turn.

It has been a long time since I’ve felt a little lost about diabetes. After all of my life changing things, I’m hoping that I can get things steady again. It’s not really a choice – it’s necessity.


Until this week, I had never been outside of the USA. Now, I’m going back to Europe for the second time in about two weeks. I can’t say much more about it, but I suppose I can say “you’ll see.” I have some amazing travel content coming your way at the end of April, late May, and June. Traveling with type 2 diabetes is challenging, but it has never prohibited me from doing anything I wanted to do.

Overall, life has been good to us. It has been a stressful few months just dealing with everything that has come our way, but I can’t say much more than how grateful I am and how blessed I feel for all of these things to fall into place.

Sometimes you look at your life and when you’re in the middle of chaos, everything feels unmanageable. When you’re able to reflect on it, you realize how blessed you were, and how God has your back and everything will be just fine.

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  1. I love all that the last few months have brought your way. Sure there were parts that were scary or a new transition, but I love how everything is smoothing out so well and in the favor for both you and your hubby. Looking forward to the next months for you!!!

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