How to Find the Right Diet for Your Type 2 Diabetes

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Every person is different, While there are common traits of Type 2 diabetes, your body type, the speed of your metabolism, your genetics, and your lifestyle will all have an impact on which diet works the best for your condition. You might be reading about miracle diets, but – at the end of the day – you will have to do what is best for your body. Below you will find a few tips on how to find the right diet for your condition.

Know the Facts

The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the condition and the nutrition needs of people like you. Find out which types of food you should avoid and what can potentially make your health improve. You will have to decide based on how each food item makes you feel. Do your research and find out the answer to some of the most important questions, such as are blueberries acidic or alkaline or what the difference is between brown and white rice.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Our diet is often impacted by our lifestyle, too. You will need to make choices based on your daily schedule. You might have time at night to make a nice salad you can take to work instead of buying a sandwich in the canteen, but you can also be too busy to eat sometimes. Get healthy snacks that will keep you going at times when you simply can’t stop.

Know How Much Carbs Your Body Needs

It is also a good idea to find out about your body’s needs and monitor your carb intake. You can get a free carb counter that will allow you to keep track of your daily intake and record how each choice makes you feel. This will help you manage your weight and health on the go and get long term results from your diet changes.

Keep It Versatile

One of the main problems with strict diets is that they can become boring after a while. If you are lactose or gluten intolerant, you will know that you can run out of options very quickly. It is recommended that you create a meal plan for every week, read related blogs, and find out about the different ways you can make your meals more exciting and nutritious.

Monitor Everything

If you want to get the best diet for your body type and genetics, you will need to start monitoring everything. This includes your exercise routine. If you regularly work out or walk for a couple of miles every day, you will need to keep track of whether or not your condition is improved as a result. This will allow you to identify the meals and lifestyle choices that can help you fight Type 2 Diabetes.

There are many ways you can improve your Type 2 diabetes. Your lifestyle choices will have a huge impact on your health, so it is important that you keep track of everything and choose the diet that works the best for you.

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Mila Clarke Buckley
Mila Clarke Buckley

Mila Clarke Buckley is a type 2 diabetes advocate who started her food blog, “The Hangry Woman”, after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and struggling to find approachable resources to help her manage the chronic condition and live a happy, healthy life. aims to take away the shame and stigma that comes with a type 2 diabetes diagnosis and covers topics like diabetes management, cooking, and self-care from the perspective of someone living with the chronic condition.

Mila has worked with companies like OneTouch, a Lifescan Company and Whole Foods Market, and she has been featured by The Kitchn, Houston Press, Travel Noire, Healthline, Yahoo Lifestyle, and WebMD.

Mila lives in Houston with her husband and two pups.

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