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Why I bought a medical ID bracelet.


I always thought that Medical ID bracelets were something for people of a certain age. I also thought they were boring, purposeful, but boring…and ugly.

It wasn’t until I had a scare with someone very close to me that I thought “what if I was alone, or in public, and something happened to me? Would anyone know my condition, or would they know what to do, or who to call?” I have my Medical ID set up on my phone, but in an emergency, it’s probably the last thing someone will try to comb through to find out how to help.

Diabetes is a very fickle disease. In one instant you can go from having a completely stable blood sugar, to either getting really high, or dipping really low, both of which are scary and bad for your body. I’ve had days where my blood glucose would not come down from consecutive days of being high, and I’ve been scared of the complications that come from that, but also what might happen if someone around me isn’t sure what to do or who to call.

Of course, in a very “Mila” fashion, I researched the entire internet until I found the cutest bracelets from Lauren’s Hope. It made me laugh because these were made for Lauren, who also thought that the standard, silver bracelet was not so cute, and drew some unwanted attention to her diabetes. It was the exact reason I didn’t want to wear one.

I, of course, had to add to my rose gold obsession and got the Kaye bracelet. It was just the right amount of glam for me. I also love that it matches my wedding bands perfectly and I can wear it when I’m dressed up or dressed casually without it clashing with my outfits.

The ordering process was pretty smooth for me. Although I did measure incorrectly the first time, when you’re measuring, consider how you like wearing bracelets. I don’t like wearing mine right at the wrist, I feel more comfortable when it moves up and down my arm, and I also like to stack bracelets, or wear watches, so I got mine a littler larger than I needed so I had some flexibility with my arm candy, and I could wear it on the top of my stack. They also allow one free resizing, so if you get it wrong the first time, you can re-measure and send it back to have it sized again. They also give you plenty of space for engraving, and your etching can come in a dark color so it’s a little easier to right on light metals.

I really love my bracelet. I get complements on it and I’m glad for it. it’s really cute, functional, and and keeps me safe just in case I ever need it. It was definitely an investment for me, but it has been completely worth it.



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