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Crushing Diabetes Stigma: How to Love Your Body with Diabetes! 🩸💪”Episode 15

Embracing a positive body image isn't about achieving some idealized version of perfection. It's about embracing your body for all that it is – scars, imperfections, and all. It's about shifting the focus from how your body looks to what it can do. Your body is a marvel, capable of incredible things, and it deserves your love and appreciation.

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I want to delve into an important episode of Your Diabestie podcast, where I, tackled the challenging yet crucial topic of body image in the context of diabetes.

Let’s explore some key takeaways from this empowering discussion.

Diabetes & Body Image: Overcoming Struggles and Embracing Self-Love! Your Diabestie Podcast

Addressing Hurtful Comments and Comparisons:

I start by addressing a common struggle: comparing ourselves to others, especially on social media. I shared my personal experience of receiving hurtful comments and emphasized the importance of cultivating a thick skin while also advocating for kindness and empathy online. It’s crucial to remember that what we see online isn’t always reality, and I encourage you to celebrate your own journey rather than comparing yourself to others.

Navigating the Impact of Diabetes on Body Image:

Living with diabetes often involves managing various health challenges, including weight fluctuations, insulin injections, and pump sites. I acknowledge these physical manifestations of the disease and emphasize the importance of practicing self-compassion. Remember, these changes aren’t a reflection of your worth, and don’t hesitate to seek support from understanding individuals or professionals if needed.

Practical Strategies for Boosting Self-Esteem:

I share practical strategies for improving body image and boosting self-esteem. I suggest cultivating gratitude by focusing on the strengths of your body rather than its appearance. Engaging in activities that make you feel confident and empowered, such as exercise or spending time with loved ones, can also contribute to a positive self-image. Remember to practice positive affirmations and believe that true beauty lies in embracing yourself wholly.


In this episode of Your Diabestie, I delivered a powerful message of self-acceptance and empowerment for individuals living with diabetes. By addressing the impact of social media comparisons, navigating the challenges of diabetes management, and providing practical strategies for boosting self-esteem, I hope to inspire you to embrace your uniqueness and value beyond your diagnosis. Remember, your worth is not defined by diabetes or your appearance—you are strong, resilient, and beautiful just as you are.

To listen to the full episode or access the transcript, visit diabetesdivapod.com. Thank you for tuning in, and remember to spread your goodness to the world. Take care, and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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