Grilled Eggplant and Red Pepper with Israeli Couscous.

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I’ve really been neglecting my blog lately. In part, it’s because I haven’t really been working out. I’ve been laying low because of my foot, and I’ve been kind of uninspired to blog, really. I tried running earlier this week, and it was still terribly painful. I have to keep off of it, or do something low impact like a short walk, but that’s really just pushing my goals back further and further. It’s depressing me. I did give up Facebook for a while, though while I recover, and as a little bit of an incentive to really focus. It’s worked out well, and It’s actually interesting how much I don’t miss it.

Eating has always been really crucial for me, but it’s even more important that I focus on my intake, and whatever exercise I CAN do. Matt found this really cool list of easy, healthy lunches, and so we’re alternating making them for one another for the next few weeks. This is a really good opportunity for both of us. First, we both get 3 awesome healthy lunches from each other every week. I benefit more from this because Matt cooks REALLY well (and he’s kind of the reason I’m not so afraid of trying new foods anymore). I also get to try some new stuff, and post about it on my blog, and pass on recipes to friends who may want to try some new stuff.

Today I did a trial run of my first lunch this week – Grilled eggplant and red pepper with Israeli (or pearl) couscous. I’m not too picky of an eater, but as a kid my parent’s never made couscous. It was lots of rice, and kidney beans and either pork or chicken. I never really got to be adventurous with food until now. Even in college I still hadn’t learned how to cook and eat well. This recipe is probably one of those things I would have never tried, but it was really amazing. Not only do the flavors compliment each other so well, but it’s really light, and kind of bright. The flavors just scream summer, and I got to use a bunch of summer veggies and herbs in this one! As I was eating it, and it cooled down, I decided that I liked eating it better while it was room temperature. It just tasted better that way to me.

So here it is! Check out the recipe below, and if you decide to try it, let me know what you think!




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