John Legend Wine

All of me, loves…all of this wine: LVE Collection Wines by John Legend Review.


When I heard John Legend had a wine, I was both intrigued and excited. John is one of my favorite musicians, and his wife Chrissy is one of the best people on all of the internet. I was really hoping that this wine would be one I wanted over, and over again, and I wasn’t disappointed. LVE Collection Wines by John Legend is a good choice!

John Legend Wine

How did this get started?

LVE Collection Wines by John Legend is a partnership between the “All of Me” singer, and the award-winning winemakers Raymond Vineyards in the heart of Napa Valley California.

The LVE Collection is described as:

The perfect harmony of passion, eloquence and Napa Valley tradition. A unique series of rich, soulful and complex notes inspired by true love, produced in collaboration with Napa Valley’s renowned Raymond Vineyards.

But what did I think of it as someone who just likes to enjoy wine?

First impression


I received a red wine, and the bottle was nice a dark, exactly what I would expect for a red wine. It had a beautiful layout with dark blue, velvety looking roses with gold foil insets for the type. If I saw it on a shelf, it would attract me to read the label. It looks like a sophisticated, expensive bottle of wine. The bottle didn’t specify what kind of red, it just said “2015 Red”, so I assume it’s a red blend, which makes for a style of wine that you may be able to pair well with different bites. Winemakers create blends because they’re able to essentially “design” their wine. No two blends are every really the same, so it’s nice to know that this wine was truly hand-picked. The wine itself is very dark, almost purply pink in color – not really red as I expected.


In terms of taste, this wine has a bit of spice (likely from some kind of pepper), but overall, it’s mildly flavored. It’s not something that’s going to warm you up, nor is it a very sweet bottle of wine. It would go very well with dark chocolate, or something sweet and rich because the taste is so mild and unsweet. I could see it just as well pairing with something sharp and savory like prosciutto. It needs something very opposite to bring out the flavors in the wine.

Is it worth it?

At a price point of $50/bottle, which is a bit steep, but makes sense for a celebrity-created wine, I would buy this as a nice gift for someone, but it would definitely be a special occasion wine for me. All-in-all, I really liked this wine, from the look to the taste. It would be a great gift for someone special.


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