Pay attention to your gut

I learned that gut health has a very direct tie to blood sugar management. Here’s why it’s important.


To my readers: this blog was sponsored by Muniq, however, all opinions expressed in the blog post are my own. 

The first time I learned about prebiotic resistant starch, a powerful type of prebiotic fiber, my jaw dropped. 

Here was a proven way that I could manage my blood sugar naturally. I was shocked that I hadn’t heard much about it. It’s an interesting concept that you probably haven’t heard yet. But, let’s talk about it.

Muniq shake bag open

What is prebiotic resistant starch?

Resistant starch is a super-powered prebiotic fiber that nourishes your gut from the inside out. 

If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard a lot about probiotics, but not as much about prebiotics.

Prebiotics are a carb (not all carbs are bad!) that feed the beneficial bacteria (the good guys) in your gut, resulting in many health benefits.

 Probiotics aim to supply your gut with additional live bacteria.

This leads to improved blood sugar levels, reduced appetite, digestive benefits and improved insulin sensitivity (1). 

In short, resistant starch can be a powerful tool to help you manage your blood sugar naturally. 

Muniq vegan chocolate on kitchen counter

How I’m getting my resistant starch

Months ago, a company called Muniq approached me to tell me about their product – a prebiotic resistant starch shake that balances your blood sugar, strengthens your gut microbiome and keeps you full for hours. 

To be honest, as someone with type 2 diabetes, I hear this A LOT. So much so, that I often say “pass” when a company approaches me with a new product that claims to lower blood sugar without any data to back it up. 

But, I wanted to hear them out, and I was glad I put my skepticism aside and listened. 

Marc Washington, the founder of Muniq told me about his sister Monica. 

Monica was a beautiful soul, but unfortunately, her life was cut short due to complications from pregnancy. 

Although Monica lived with a number of health challenges including diabetes, weight, and blood pressure, she never let her ‘conditions’ affect her bright light. 

Losing his sister gave Marc the inspiration to create nutrition solutions that she would have loved. 

Muniq was born from there.  

Marc’s dedication to his sister was one aspect of the company that piqued my interest. The other, is the focus on science-backed nutrition. 

Muniq powder in a

Using more than 300 clinical studies to prove results, the Muniq team created a balanced shake that improves gut health, promotes healthy blood sugar and satisfies hunger. 

So what’s the catch?

With all the skepticism in the world, I couldn’t find anything to be skeptical about. In my own experience I found a few things: 

  • Muniq is delicious. I can’t get enough of the Vegan Chocolate flavor. 
  • Muniq is filling – it curbs my appetite and carb cravings. 
  • “With their introductory discount offer, it’s an incredible value at only $3.50 per meal — less than my daily iced coffee habit — and actually nourishes me.” 
  • Muniq ACTUALLY lowered my blood sugar. I drank some of the shake (mixed with almond milk) and tested my blood sugar a couple of hours later. Let the chart from my Freestyle Libre 14 day system speak for itself.
Freestyle Libre Sensor at 166 mg/dL

I really believe in the power of this product. I want to show you guys my progress with it, and how it helps me manage my blood sugar. 

As you can tell, Muniq has turned me from a skeptic into a believer! I think Muniq has potential to be the next big thing in overall health and blood sugar control.

I am so convinced that I decided to commit to drinking Muniq FOR A YEAR! 

I’m going to be honest, I’m keeping my lifestyle habits the same. I’m still exercising a few times a week coupled with my normal healthy eating habits (<100g of carbohydrates per day). Plus, a burger or pizza once in a while because I’m human! 

Now that I know what an impact gut health can have you on your blood sugar management, I’m all in. 

You can learn more about Muniq here and take the quiz to find out how it can work in your life. 

Until then, you can find me chatting about how I use it!