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Every cook walks into a dish with the best intentions. I don’t know anyone who cooks food wanting, or expecting it to be bad. I started this dish expecting it to be something else. Something AMAZING. I wanted to make these delectable strawberry rhubarb empanadas, but I ruined them from the get-go. My filling was first too watery and then too thick. Then my empanada discs were too small because I had to improvise (no cookie cutters! WHAT?). All of the filling, which I finally got perfect, leaked out of them in the oven and it was a doughy, sticky mess. I was left with a perfect sweet pie crust recipe AND NOT EMPANADAS. Not at all.

I wasn’t sure what to do with the filling. I didn’t want to waste so many strawberries, and so much rhubarb, so I ended up putting my brain to work. Bryan and I were pretty hungry for breakfast, so I decided to break out my once used waffle maker, and get to work making us the most perfect summer breakfast I could think of. The star? Strawberry Rhubarb Waffles.

The thing that excited me most about creating this recipe was getting to try out my OXO Strawberry Huller for the first time. Usually, I cut of the tops of all of my strawberries, and it honestly wastes a good deal of the strawberry. You could use a pairing knife to do the same job that the strawberry huller does, but if you know anything about me, you know that me + knives equal tragedy almost every time. I’m still looking for a good knife skills class. With my new strawberry huller, the part of the fruit I don’t need is gone, and everything else remains. I had some trouble with it at first, but as I kept practicing, I became an efficient, strawberry hulling machine. The larger the strawberry, the easier the hulling!

OXO Strawberry Huller

I’m glad that my empanadas turned into a sticky, doughy mess. I would have never gotten to share with you this awesome breakfast dish for your summer mornings. The combo of sweet, tart, and tangy bring a bit of excitement to the once boring waffle. I do anything I can to dress up my food, and this is totally the way to do it. Pop some champ, squeeze some oranges, and set up a picnic outside! You’ll thank me for it later!


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