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Are the Withings Body Composition scale and BPM Connect worth it?

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Withings provided me with the BPM Connect WiFi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor and the BODY+ Composition Wifi Scale. All opinions about the products are my own.

Use my coupon code HANGRY for 20% off Body+ and BPM Connect until August 31, 2020 on Withings.com.


Diabetes is a health condition of numbers. 

It’s always important to know the numbers that tell you how your treatment is going. 

I’m continually tracking my A1C, blood sugar, and cholesterol. 

I also pay attention to two other important factors – my weight and blood pressure. Both of which I’ve been tracking with the Withings BODY+ Composition WiFi Scale and the Withings BPM Connect WiFi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

With type 2 diabetes, increased weight leads to increased insulin resistance and high blood sugar. 

Additionally, those of us with Type 2 Diabetes face increased risk for stroke, heart attacks, and cardiovascular disease just by having diabetes. 

When I learned how crucial it was to be conscious of those numbers and get them trending in the right direction, I was glad to have these tools – especially since high blood pressure and diabetes run in my family. 

Here’s why I think they’re worth it. 

What is Withings?

Withings BODY+ Body Composition Wifi Scale and BPM Connect

Withings is a french health technology company that has changed the way we understand our bodies. In 2009, they introduced the first WiFi scale. 

The company offers an ecosystem of connected health products ranging from smart scales, to blood pressure monitors, smartwatches, a sleep tracking mat, and a thermometer which provides different metrics to help improve the health of users. 

The Withings Body+ Body Composition WiFi Scale

Woman stepping on scale

The Body+ scale is perfect for tracking. 

The scale measures more than just weight – it provides accurate readings for body fat, body water, muscle mass, and bone mass. 

It is important that I weigh myself everyday to help correlate my body composition trends to my blood pressure and insulin resistance. 

Scale with numbers

Immediately after stepping on the scale, Body+ shows your most recent 8 measurements on an easy-to-read line graph.

At a glance I can see my weight increases or decreases, and even the daily weather forecast. 

It’s also nice that you can build profiles for up to 8 users, so your entire family can track their health data as needed. 

Bryan liked being able to do this, so we could use the same scale, and individually track ourselves. 

I also love being able to see my previous days steps on the display (even when they’re low!). 

All these great features are complemented by the fact that Body+ is Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connected so data syncs instantly to the Health Mate app, without my phone being nearby.

The Health Mate app is also compatible with over 100 partner apps, so I can sync my nutrition tracking information from MyFitnessPal to my Health Mate dashboard. 

The Withings BPM Connect 

I’ve always had corded blood pressure machines.

It posed a bit of a hassle while traveling because I had to take my entire machine to ensure I was accurately tracking my blood pressure 

I love the compact footprint of Withings BPM Connect.

It is easy to travel with this device because it’s wireless, has a 6-month battery life (rechargeable), and it is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connected.

I also love  that BPM Connect is easy-to-use and readings are display directly on the LED screen

In fact, the Health Mate app walks you through how to take an accurate blood pressure measurement from the comfort of your own home – which is very useful nowadays with telemedicine being necessary! 

The readings are also medically accurate (FDA cleared), and BPM Connect utilizes color-coded feedback so you have an idea if your blood pressure is normal, elevated, or hypertensive. 

You can also share readings directly with your doctor via the Health Mate app, so adjustments can be made instantly to your treatment plan. 

Since both Body+ and BPM Connect sync with the Health Mate app, I’m able to track my blood pressure and body composition so I have  a full picture of where I am. 

The Withings Health Mate App

There are many ways to track your data, but Health Mate helps you review your numbers effortlessly. 

My favorite thing is the app associates my milestones with familar markers. 

Like, when I’d done the equivalent of a marathon, it congratulated me, and told me how far I’d walked. 

Withings Healthmate App

That was a nice touch for me! 

I also loved seeing my key numbers at a glance, while also diving deeper into my health metrics (eg: body composition, blood pressure, and heart rate) by analyzing trends over time. 

During quarantine, everything has been high for me – my blood pressure has especially been affected as I have experienced weight gain as a result of lower activity levels. 

Although I’m working hard to change the numbers I’m seeing, I’m also glad that I can face them and see the trends over time with instant feedback. 

Overall impressions of Withings products

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your health data connected, Withings BODY+ and BPM CONNECT are what you’re looking for. 

Tracking your health data may seem overwhelming, but my Withings devices have made it easy and approachable for me. 

Even if the numbers don’t always show what I want to see, there’s value in knowing what they are and seeing my progress over time. 

Remember, you can use my coupon code HANGRY for 20% off Body+ and BPM Connect until August 31, 2020 on Withings.com.

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