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Your questions about Supergut answered

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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

As a note, since this post, Muniq has rebranded to Supergut. All links here should forward, but discount codes may no longer be applicable to your purchase.

Get 10% off your first purchase. Enter coupon code: MILA10 at checkout.

Since I started drinking Muniq last year, I’ve had SO many questions from my community about the product. 

Do I like the taste? How do I prepare my shakes? And the big elephant in the room — why is Muniq so expensive? 

I’m answering your most asked questions in today’s post!

Muniq Vegan Chocolate

How long have you been drinking Muniq? 

I originally gave Muniq a shot in April of 2020 because I was noticing higher than normal fasting blood sugars. I also cook a lot as a food blogger, and I just wanted something easy to throw together that would be nutritious and balanced at any meal.

I also learned about the inspiration behind why Muniq was created. Marc Washington, Muniq’s Founder & CEO, created the product in memory of his sister who unfortunately passed away from pregnancy complications related to chronic blood sugar issues.

He knew that she would have loved something like this that would help her stay healthy, manage blood sugar, and taste great. 

That story spoke to me and encouraged me to try Muniq in my own health journey.

What benefits have you seen from drinking Muniq?

How Muniq helps with blood sugars and gut health | The Hangry Woman

Everyone’s body is unique, but for me, I’ve personally seen some positive changes by drinking Muniq once a day, every day, for the last 9 months:

  • I’ve had an easier time losing weight, overall. 
  • Having a shake in place of a higher calorie meal eliminates having to think too much about meals and saves me time.
  • I’ve been more open to plant-based eating after trying some of their vegan options. 
  • Incredibly, I lowered my A1C by 1% after incorporating Muniq into my day. If you struggle with blood sugar issues, you know this is actually a really significant drop
  • My blood sugars were always lower instead of higher a few hours after drinking Muniq. 

I think it’s important to realize that nothing is a quick fix. So you might not see results in the first week, but I definitely saw good results over time. I recommend developing a daily habit of a Muniq shake per day, and giving it at least 2-3 months to see those results develop.

Is Muniq a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company?

No. Muniq is sold directly on their website to anyone who wants to buy it. You won’t have to buy Muniq from a distributor and you always have complete control over your subscription and purchase frequency, with a zero-risk money-back guarantee.

Why is Muniq so expensive?

I get this question a lot, and I always think of it like this: 

I can spend $4-5 or more on a drink and a food item at my nearest coffee chain (and I do, often). Eating at restaurants sometimes costs 4-5 times that.

It’s really about what you prioritize. Muniq is around $3.50 per meal. It’s really filling and does keep me full for up to 4 hours after drinking, so it truly offsets what I’d spend on a meal.

It’s a natural and meticulously sourced product that works by improving your gut microbiome. Many people (myself included) are seeing such great improvements over time that they’re excited to discuss their new Muniq habit, results, and regimen with their doctor. 

What does Muniq taste like?

I’m a huge fan of the Vegan Chocolate flavor, and I always say it reminds me of a chocolate frosty! It’s smooth and creamy after being blended, and I love all of the real, natural flavors (Chocolate, Vanilla and Mocha Latte). 

How do you prepare your shake?

pouring muniq into a glass

I prepare it as recommended — I use ice and  water for the best results without adding too many extra carbs.

Occasionally, I’ll have it with unsweetened almond milk. I always blend mine for the smoothest consistency, although a shaker cup can work, as long as you have an agitator to really mix it up well (bonus: you get a workout!).

Why is Muniq different from other shakes?

Again, it depends on what you’re looking or, but some of the best benefits for me were:

  • 15g of fiber in one serving
  • Packed with prebiotic resistant starch fibers that help build a healthy gut microbiome
  • 15g of protein (dairy or dairy-free/vegan)
  • Keeps you full for 4 hours

I notice fewer cravings or hunger, which has been especially good for someone living with chronic blood sugar issues. I eat less overall, and tend to have a better blood sugar responses. 

How many total and net carbs are in Muniq? 

Muniq has 42 total grams of carbohydrates, but only 7 grams of net carbs when you deduct dietary fiber and non digestible carbs (including allulose, the near zero-calorie, natural sweetener).

Is the shake just for blood sugar management?

No. While blood sugar management is one benefit, weight loss, gut health and satiety are some other benefits I’ve noticed while drinking Muniq.

Some also notice better digestion, improved IBS symptoms and more.

What’s your favorite flavor?

Mila Clarke Buckley smiling with muniq

Vegan Chocolate all the way! I’m not vegan, but I liked the idea of trying a completely plant-based shake, and it does not disappoint. My husband drinks Muniq with me, and he’s a fan of Mocha Latte

Can I add other flavors or ingredients to my shake? 

Absolutely! But it’s best to start out with the recommended – water and ice only at first – to see how it goes, and then build on that.

As a food blogger, I LOVE to mix things up to keep things fresh and stay consistent with my daily shake habit.

I’ve made my shake with berries, pumpkin puree, avocado, and other low-glycemic fruits to build some variety. Muniq actually has a ton of delicious recipes on their site, too! 

I hope this answers your questions! This is of course my experience and just like anything you try, your experience may vary. As with any dietary changes, contact your healthcare provider for advice on your personal nutrition plan. 

If you have any other questions about Muniq, feel free to ask them in the comments section, and I would be happy to answer them.

Get 10% off your first purchase. Enter coupon code: MILA10 at checkout.

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10 Responses

  1. I just started this and the first day i did one scoop and had a good reading. I don’t experience any gastro side effect hardly ever so I went to two scoops. I had no gastro issues but two hours later my sugar was 202. Can two scoops spike blood sugar?

  2. Can you have a shake for dinner ? Not sure if it gives you energy and might keep me up but that is when I eat most dinner and after dinner. If this has fiber that curbs my appetite then dinner would be best for me. WhT do ya think?

    1. Totally! It can replace any meal, or serve as a snack in between meals. I’ll drink one for dinner occasionally when I need something easy.

  3. Can you please explain how lowering your A1C by 1% is a big deal? Did you mean 10%? If I lowered my 6.1 by 1% that would be .06 which would be practically on change?

  4. I think I’m adding too much ice. It seems really watered down but I worry about not adding enough and it’s grainy and gross and then I won’t drink it. So how much do you add? I know it sounds like a stupid question, I know I think it is lol, but I’m really stuck?

    1. It sounds like you might need to blend it longer, and possibly on a higher speed to get it smoother. Also feel free to add more liquid to your shake if you’d like it less thick! I also sometimes just use chilled liquid, and then I don’t have to add any ice, and it’s cold enough.

  5. Would love to come up with a mug cake that would count as half a serving (1 scoop). Any suggestions?

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