Foods And Drinks That Cure Wine Hangovers

Foods And Drinks That Cure Wine Hangovers
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Get off your pedestal – we’ve all been there! Enjoying a night out with the ladies is a great way to bond. It’s also an excellent way to feel as if you partied with death itself. Goddamn you, wine! Why did I drink so much?! Focusing on the past is irrelevant now because it won’t help you through your hangover. To be fair, not much will other than plenty of H2O. As the Waterboy says, water is the elixir of life. However, there are a couple of ingredients that may stop you puking and get you out of bed. Guarantees aren’t included, but here are the foods and drinks which may help.




Eggs Over-Easy: The reason scrambled eggs are a stable of brunch menus everywhere is because they contain vital nutrients. Two which are incredibly important for the morning-after-people are taurine and cysteine. The latter is useful because it attacks the chemicals which cause headaches after the liver breaks down those pesky, alcohol-infused grapes. But, taurine is by far the most important because it helps the liver to recover and boosts efficiency. The quicker the liver breaks down alcohol, the faster you improve.

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Soup: Okay, the last thing you want to eat when you wake up is soup. A juicy, greasy burger is far more appealing. But, the fact that you can stomach anything at all is impressive. Usually, hangovers mean vomiting before nervously attempting to keep a meal down. What’s great about soup is that it covers all of the bases. Because it’s 90% water, it maintains H2O levels in the body while the chicken noodles fill up the stomach. Perfecto.


Porridge/Oats: Again, not a dish which stands out as an eat-me-after-a-wild-night-on-the-town. Still, oats are full of nutrients ranging from vitamin B to iron. More importantly, this breakfast cereal goes one better and boosts sugar levels giving you more energy. It may only be a shot it may be the kick-start to the day that you need.

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Coffee: Ah, ground beans in a delightfully dark liquid with a splash of milk. How I’ve missed you! A cup of Joe isn’t an incredible hangover cure but it is in keeping with your routine. Plus, it is mightily effective when twinned with over-the-counter medicines such as paracetamol. Because you need it ASAP, these Keurig coffee maker reviews are a good place to start if you are in the market for a new machine. Also, you’re not a peasant who drinks the instant stuff!

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Tea: Teas are better than Java in one sense – they’re full of nutrients. Pregnant women take them to ease morning sickness, which is exactly what you have. So, a steaming brew of peppermint should go down a treat. Other concoctions include ginger as it’s proven to ease nausea.


Coca-Cola: Sodas can dehydrate you, so drink them with care. However, they are full of sugar so a hit of Coke can kick-start your systems and fill you with energy. Only drink a single can and then stick to water for ultimate results.


Do these cures sound as if they may work? What are your homemade treatments?


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